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This project was successfully funded on September 2, 2013

PERFECT COWBOY, an Alternative Family Musical film

by Ken Roht


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Perfect Cowboy is a film is about the two gay fathers of a straight country western singer who all live in a rural community and play music together.  We follow the relationship between Jimmy Poole, a charismatic but troubled stepfather, and Mark Boden, a young man striving to come to terms with his challenging family dynamics.

After a year of pre-production, creating an enormous, supportive community around this ambitious non-union film, we traveled all over California for the month of June, and we shot the entire film.  We worked with many businesses in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Davis, Modesto, Tulare, Porterville and Irvine.  Big Al's Bar-B-Q, Wrangler Bar, Placer County Fair, Sierra College Nursing School, and the Historic Schmeiser Barn, to name just a few. Miraculously, we even gained access to Folsom Prison for an important opening shot.  More than one hundred community people volunteered to appear in the film, including the hand bell choir and choir from the First Congregational Church in Tulare, members of the Northern California Cloggers Association, thirty musical theater students from U.C. Irvine and several people from the gay classic car club in Sacramento, The Freewheelers.  Many other community members helped with housing, meals, the loan of horses and cattle, enlisting their family members to serve as extras and production assistance, all for a film with themes promoting community and inclusion.  

Some of our supporters were very upfront about their discomfort of homosexuality in their community. Many noted they have a relative or friend that is gay and want to come to terms with their biases.  

This project has relied on gathering resources and not necessarily money.  Our production budget was relatively low but now we need to secure more funds for the postproduction phase.  In order to give this project the full attention that it deserves, we have to make it our priority for the next several months.  Your donations will help us to devote our time to the project, and will help to pay a few post-production experts for their services.  

Please help us with the next phase in this beautiful and ambitious film. Thank you very much!

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