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This project was successfully funded on July 15, 2013

Past is Prelude

by Callie Chapman


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Over the past decade I have created work that focuses on many themes; love, etherealness, war, justice, children, etc. Each work shares the use of the narrative (for the most part) and always exploring with theatre and dance.

During the past year I have been interested and working with a live video projection with delay and looping algorithms. This setup is not in and of itself, but is used to investigate themes of personal history as well as the repetitive nature of human history. Entitled "Past is Prelude" the emphasis is placed on what came before and how it informs the "now" as everything (in this reality) is based on the history that came before whether directly or past a point of 2nd generation memory. The same could be said about the complexity of human history and the violent/turbulent periods (war, torment, political struggles, etc.) as well as more peaceful ideals (love, hope, perseverance).

My hope is to develop this work with 5 dancers, the video delay, mesh screens and live sound into a 30 minute piece that threads together personal and human history and creating a link for the audience that everything is based on what has/had past and each individual is orchestrated in the whole.

Improvisation as well as choreography will give "Past is Prelude" shape. Performers will inform the work with their own experience and feedback.

This is all orchestrated together in a 30 minute piece that will stand on its own as part of the audience's 'evening out' to make time for 2 performances per night.

Thank you for considering a donation to my campaign, your tax-deductible gift will go towards paying the dancers for their time; material costs such as costumes and USB cables; paying the technical staff; rehearsal space and performance space. Currently, we do not pay the dancers for rehearsal. Even if the dancers got paid $10/hour it would cost $80/week. That's $2,160 for 6 months of work (what we have done so far that they haven't got paid for).

We are asking for the minimum of paying the dancer's performance fees, rehearsal space rental, technical staff fees and partial performance space rental.

If we exceed our goal we will be able to pay the dancers for the hard work they do in the studio.

* A performance of the first draft was performed, March 1, 2 + 3 at The Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA.

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