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This project was successfully funded on August 16, 2014

Painting on Objects

by Tracey Langfitt


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I am proposing a project to bring objects into light that are being discarded from society’s psyche into the past, as useless and broken. I do not see these particular objects this way. I’m referring to broken furniture from a previous era and the level of knowledge in craft and time spent in it’s creation as beautiful, unforgettable, and meaningful in it’s use. I’m also referring to objects of inspiration that have fallen out of fashion and any sense of usefulness but will never fall out of cinema, such as opera glasses, changing screens, long dead hotel insignias, and recently, books. I believe that I can breathe a new perspective into the mind of the viewer by painting on these objects to pull aside the veil of time and dust off the very real beauty and importance of the moments, lives, and imaginations these items consumed. More importantly, I want to give the objects a life in our times at their original cultural value as well as showing value to a culture expressed through market value by making them art. I want to bring them back to life, because to me their lives are too beautiful to be over.

I intend to paint figural scenes, site specific spatial relationships, and optical illusions. I want the influence of modern figural work as well as the golden era of illustration to bring a recreated perspective on this lost history. This is the history of the circulation of objects in our culture. A history that is being defined by memory and imagination, and so being tangibly lost. Strangely but accurately, I intend to use my memory and imagination to bring this history out of a text paragraph and into the space of a living person's daily home life. In the passage of time, the object itself, and the paintings, I view these works as site specific. The aspect of artifact is intended, but the larger intent of the project is to bring back the lost perspective of our own history of humanism towards ourselves and our lives. We are still here, this is what we’ve been through, this is not the sands of time, these are the hands of time, these are my hands. 

I've managed the technicalities of this project in a budget. The amount I would need to create a smaller collection is the floor of the budget, $4,000. I think that with this amount I could do excellent work and I also think that it's realistic to raise. The true expenses are climate conditioned storage, moving from the original location to storage - and from storage or origin to cycle through my studio, and securing the objects. After that thought, there is the absolute ceiling of the budget, the maximum amount if my project is overfunded from my goal. This ceiling is high, at $8,000. This breaks down limits for this body of work and could include details from cast metal drawer handles, in sculptures created by the artist, to unexpected relief in shipping finished items to a gallery or collector. The ceiling would also allow a larger collection and a longer period of time to attend to each thing, a larger storage unit, and a result of a golden collection. 

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