Pain Management: a Post Office Performance, ("POP")

by Rachel MacCratic


The upcoming post office performance, ("POP"), Pain Management, calls upon a Southern California Medi-Cal Clinic to provide promised acupuncture and traction upon the authority of physical therapists but delayed in its delivery by several months.  The most ambitious of Rachel MacCratic's POP art works to date, Pain Management parades to the Cleveland Post Office in Hillcrest, a path pranced nearly twenty times in her first year of residency at Robplex.  POPs' quests have been to effectively exact continuity of health care, perturb the practice of clearinghouse diagnostics, and, having won those artifacts from ossified behemoths, now pursues perseverance in the insistence on the actual value of every patient without regard for their station by classist phylogeny or stratification.  Rachel MacCratic crafts pithy remarks in print strokes of independent legal significance, all couched in the calling card niceties of homemaker platitudes impressed on stationary amalgamations to invoke the duties owed to those with Ehlers-Danlos--a genetic super power turned enigmatic chronic pain condition if its owner meets with inhuman force, like a whiplash in a car accident.  The players, ("POPrs"), past have always giggled publicly, enjoy arranging stamps, speculate as to the portents of insuring a message that could mean life or death, have friendly spectators, and include the United States Postal Service's workers.  POPrs always dress-up funny, smile at passersby, avoid metered mail whenever possible, talk to people in line, create games, and make the United States Postal Service workers laugh.  Its type is a template for others to take and tailor to fit the similarly situated by addressing itself to the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation, the California Health & Human Service Agencies, health care and legal professionals in Southern California, and the Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

An integration of Rachel MacCratic's fashion design, licensure in the legal medium in the State of California, performance pieces, and paintings informed by traditionally professional and feminine work: Pain Management queers those roles, totes by pedance correspondence to the public forum, attracts a spectator for the record, and sends pleas in the playful parlay with a fellow public servant. This course registers the letter to its direct recipient, one recalcitrant clinic.  Conceptual agit prop takes to the local post office to challenge by subliminal demand letter, a mailing declared at some sum, the value of a human life handled with the care required, but seldom taken, by our Social Security and Affordable Care Acts.  "If you don't have 'real' health insurance, they don't care.  No one cares," one new graduate come to the west coast from Bates College proclaimed in recounting his protracted pursuit of publicly funded health care services in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. 

Pain Management declares the value of the stakes at $354 million (the metric: one third of a life lived secured by the cursive hand labeled envelope).  For $80,000 this performance parcel to communication media, piecing together a snail mail blitz, chutes conciliatory and snappy courtesy copies to provide an alert.  For $70,000, Pain Management can still register its mail, but the paper will not be gold leaf.  For $200,000, Pain Management will recruit, by singing telegrams, additional in-house counsel for the United States Postal Service workers' to negotiate with their own union.  

Let's build a solution in healthy culture; refine a ritual calling for formal remedy.  And, thank you for sharing in the support for healthy Pain Management: POP!