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This project was successfully funded on February 19, 2014

Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations

by Vicki Ross


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Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations is all about the exploration of an idea. This project gives me the freedom to practice, play, and explore techniques and mediums, some of which will find their way into my larger works. I am doing this project now in part because winter is a good time for cocooning and quiet painting time, giving me the opportunity to explore in detail hundreds of art tips and techniques gathered over the ten years I've been professionally painting. 

I am a perpetual student…of everything. I could label myself as “researcher” because that is what I love to do. Just like a sponge, and even before the days of ‘just Google it'. When I became a full-time artist, I wanted to study with any professional tutor that crossed my path, taking me to Paris, Rome, Salzburg, Cape Town, and various points in-between. Naturally, I picked up many techniques, tips, rules, and ideas that I hope to explore through Over and Over Again. Watercolor, pastels, acrylics, oil, drawing, encaustics, mixed media…still life, figurative, landscape…impressionistic, realistic, expressionistic. How to choose! How do you know until you experience them?

The entire project has a common thread woven throughout…creating zen moments, learning/sharing how to achieve them, turning obstacles into opportunities, and creating art that will make a difference to others overcoming their own life-changing events. Small, 7.5" x 7.5" each, and all using the same 4 compositional shapes are my only two 'requirements'. If a painting needs several sessions, fine; if it resolves in 30 minutes, that is just fine too. The framing of these little jewels is carefully designed to complement every painting, with a sleek look that will fit any decor. Have a big space to fill? Hang several of these 1-2” apart on a wall and you have a real statement and conversational grouping. 

Each is framed alike in a black shadow box frame, 14" x 10", 2" depth. The painting itself is mounted away from the black background achieving a floating appearance. Each piece is signed and includes a unique name and/or number.

I will need $8,750 to complete this series. Funds raised will help cover supplies and will help me focus more engery on this particular project. Funds raised over my minimum goal will go toward perk costs and additional supplies that will be nice to have to complete this work. 

Thank you so much supporting Over and Over Again: Repetition with Variations! 

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