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This project was successfully funded on January 20, 2018

Onward to Armory Week

by Helmut Krackie


I am a 70 year old artist that has been making art since childhood. I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I had pursued my art career until the mid-70's, due to life circumstances wasn't able to continue with my art until the late 90's. Since 1998 I've established myself as a serious artist with a website ( and a storage locker full of artwork!

In 2010 my girlfriend was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), we had been together 30 years at the the time of her passing in 2014. Caring for her had depleted my health and in January 2017 I was hospitalized with pneumonia and renal failure. I was also passing out and falling down. To keep it short, I've been in one hospital after another (5 total) in the last year! I am now walking with a cane and about to be released to an assisted living facility. I have done small paintings while in the last hospital, however my plan is to resume painting, but on a much larger scale.

I am doing this project now because of the need to jumpstart my career. Since I am starting with basically nothing. I first came to the hospital with only the clothes on my back and fortunately, had already put my paintings in storage. I recently entered and have been accepted to the CLIO Art Fair which is part of the Armory Art Fair, NYC, March 8 - 11, 2018. This is one of if not the most prestigious art fair win the world! My paintings have been accepted into the show (total of four) but now I have to pay for the gallery space at the show which is $1280. This is the reason for the project. The minimum amount for a project to be launched is $2500 with the remaining balance of  $1220 that would be used for transporting my art (currently being stored at a gallery in Brooklyn) to my new home and then to the show in March. I also need some clothes including a winter coat! If by chance I overfunded I would use this money towards the rent on a studio. Below is my artist statement to help you understand my work and process!

“Wanting something beyond my figure-drawing class at SVA, I went down stairs to the hardware store and purchase masking tape and spray paint. I created my first “layers” painting that day in the style that I currently work. I paint with tape. Tape is the vehicle that allows me to express myself with color and movement. This is where the character of the painting is created revealing intertwining, unwinding textural layers underneath. I alternate painted acrylic layers with strategically placed tape, sometimes up to eight layers on a painting. Each layer is a separate color revealed when all the tape is removed. Although the fluidity of the pieces may appear to be random, they are planned with the flow of color depending on my emotions. Nothing is airbrushed. Upon closer inspection, one is able to see and feel the complex and emotional intensity that is revealed. I draw inspiration from sound; music or ambient noise mixed with movement from nature or the city. My most notable influences include Brice Marden, Sol Lewitt, James Nares and Frank Stella.”

There is an urgency to this project because I have until January 20 to pay the gallery fee. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and would like to thank my supporters in advance and will not disappoint anyone as you'll see me become the artist I feel that I am destined to be. I blessed to have gotten this far with my career and look forward to when I'm in the position to start giving back to society!