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This project was successfully funded on July 18, 2012

One Year: A Collaboration of MamaCita & Mothers in Charge

by Janice Hayes-Cha


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In One Year there were 324 murders in Philadelphia.  What will the number be this year? What can we do to change it?

One Year is collaboration between MamaCita, a mothers cooperative in the arts and Mothers in Charge, a violence prevention organization in Philadelphia.  We believe that, together, we can do something to reduce violence in our city. 

One Year will:

-       create and install art to remember murder victims and inspire social change in Philadelphia

-       connect artists with at-risk girls as mentors and teachers through Mothers in Charge mentoring programs

-       design a pilot program to incorporate art in grief support groups for families affected by violence 

The Art

MamaCita artists Janice Hayes-Cha, Brenda Howell, Karen Hunter McLaughlin, Julie Mann and Kimberly Mehler will be working throughout 2012 to create an installation piece inspired by Mothers In Charge.  Consisting of hundreds of sculpted wire vessels, the art will memorialize each life lost to violence -- and the mothers who mourn these lives -- in the city of Philadelphia in 2012. The artists are also inviting the public to create vessels through a series of free workshops. (For information on workshops visit">  The sculptures will be installed as a group throughout the city during 2013. 

The Mentoring

Mothers in Charge is dedicated to preventing violence by working in prisons, schools, churches and the community to give people the tools they need to resist violence and in the process, save lives. 

Mothers in Charge has a passion for reaching young women in prison or those at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.  They hold monthly mentoring workshops where at-risk girls are matched with women who support, teach and encourage them.   MamaCita is now part of this program, providing monthly art workshops with the girls.  These lively workshops allow the girls to create, communicate, and have fun. 

Art is also a way to express grief, connect with deceased love ones, and work toward healing.  With the funding acquired for this project, we hope to bring art to the grief support groups that Mothers in Charge organizes in the community, and give mothers and other family members opportunities to create vessels.

How you can help

Everyone can be part of this project.  Right now, we have an urgent need to raise funds for the mentoring part of our project and to create a pilot art workshop with grief support groups at Mothers in Charge (MIC).  MIC also has dire needs for operational funds to keep their mentoring and support going.  The five artists directing the project need funds for transportation, supplies, childcare and day to day expenses as we dedicate more and more time to make this project a reality. 

So, if you can, please help us reach our fundraising goal for One Year.  If you would like to make a vessel, come to a workshop in the Philly area.  Or stay in touch and come to one of our openings.  If you like our project, cheer for us on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.  Thank you so much for your support!


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