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This project was successfully funded on May 26, 2014

On Foot: Brooklyn Photobook

by Craig Shepard and Beth O'Brien


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Dear Friends and Supporters,

     We are excited to announce our fundraiser to print a book of Beth O'Brien's photographs about Craig Shepard’s 2012 project On Foot: Brooklyn.

     On Foot: Brooklyn continues Craig's work in experimenting with the structures of daily life. By making one small change--walking everywhere--Craig transformed his daily commute from 30 minutes to be endured into a rich three hours of open creative flow and wonder at the city.  Craig's main wish is to fire people's imagination to the small changes they can make in their own lives – changes that can open a space for creative engagement.  We believe an essential aspect of a rich, meaningful life is finding ways to become fully alive and present to where we are right now -  wherever that may be.  

     During the On Foot: Brooklyn project Craig committed to only walk wherever he went for 91 days (Feb 21-May 21, 2012) – this amounted to over 780 miles! Each week he composed a new piece, and wrote it down.  On each of the thirteen Sundays, he lead a silent, cell-phone-free walk to an outdoor location in Brooklyn, then performed that week’s piece on the street at 1pm.  

     Photographer Beth O’Brien followed the Sunday walks on bicycle, capturing an open, solitary Brooklyn landscape and intimate moments of passersby within it.  Beth is drawn to photograph the sometimes overlooked or ignored corners of her beloved borough, carefully choosing a vantage point and frame then waiting patiently to capture a quiet moment of action or absence.  Her work is an invitation to notice the wonder and beauty that exists on the street corners of our own lives.

     The book is in final draft form, featuring 37 of Beth’s photographs and Craig’s essays covering many aspects of his experiences and thoughts during the project.  The poet Martine Bellen has edited the text.  The finished book will be 11”x8.5” in landscape orientation, 68 pages and offset printed in full color.  

     We have found a printer to work with in New York City who comes highly recommended.  The cost to print 400 perfect-bound books is $6175.  We have set our minimum fundraising goal at $4175.  Funds we receive above the minimum will go towards the remaining printing costs, cost of perks and shipping, and hiring a professional book production designer to help insure every step is done professionally and thoroughly.  Any funds above that will go towards binding the books with hardcovers!

     Please donate today and help this book become a physical reality.  We’d love to send you a copy once it is finished.  We are truly grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received over these past two and half years.  All art is only possible in community, we couldn’t do it without you.  Thank you so much!

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      Thank you SO much to everyone who has donated so far! We are touched and encouraged by all the support. If you want to see images of the prints that are available please click on the link "Updates" to the left of the above.