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This project was successfully funded on March 19, 2016


by Sarah Rudinoff


Welcome to the Hatchfund campaign for my new solo work NowNowNow, which will have its premiere in Seattle at the city's premiere contemporary performance venue, On the Boards. The show runs March 23- April 3rd and I am hoping to tour this summer to Portland, Austin, Los Angeles and New York City. I am 20 year, veteran Seattle performer and theatre maker and NowNowNow is a solo play that I have been writing for 2 years and will perform in. It includes multi-media components, like film collages, fake podcasts and re-imagined video games. 

In NowNowNow, I want to explore the blurring of reality in our modern time with the compliactions of social media, virutal personsas and scripted reality as I search for an authentic self in the middle of it all. In my search for a spirutal life that makes sense to me I pay big bucks for secret mantras, attend seminars, and unpack my early life as a preacher's daughter.  Testing the solidity of my own curated realities and wondering why I created them in the first place, I try to unravel the schizophrenia of modern living.

The premiere is less than two months away and I have assembled a team of creative, local deisgners and I have a long time collaborator, David Bennett, as my director. The performance will take a familiar storytelling form with a direct address to the audience, but also venture into more abstracted territory using movement and a live feed between technology and myself to try and bring the audience even closer into my imagination. 

Each of of my collaborators are full-time union artists and crafts-people who usually work at our larger theatres in town. This show represents years of work for multiple collaborators and my budget needs are as follows:

Materials and Supplies (Including hand-held projectors) $1350.00 

Artist Honorariums $4750.00 

Rental Fees (Including rehearsal space) $500.00

Video Design and Editing (Film Segments inside of the show) $1500.00

Marketing $1000.00

Video Docuemtation $1000.00

Perk Costs $500

Summer Tour (w/stretch budget) $2250.00

If I raised more than our goal, I would spend the overage of taking this show on the road. I have applications at a number of summer festivals and hope to tour the show for the next few years. Thank you for considering sponsoring my work. I welcome any private messages with questions and with your help I hope to get to my goal.

Thank you (from the basement rehearsal bunker where all things theatrical get made!), Sarah

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