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This project was successfully funded on July 1, 2017

Nostos: A Hero's Journey

by Marshall Law


This is the right art, in the right place at the right time. Hip hop artist and Seattle native Marshall Massengale has created a masterpiece of rap, theater, performance art. If the creators of "Hamilton" built a bridge between rap and musical theater, local hip hop artist Marshall Massengale has walked across it and staked out new territory.

When Claudio Monteverdi gave birth to what we now call opera, it was in Venice in the 1600’s. Venice was a city with no nobility, just a robust middle class. It was run by merchants and manufacturers and much like Seattle today, ripe for an explosion of artistic creativity. His topics were epic: Theseus, Ulysses, Orfeo.

Marshall’s work is a hip hopera. In the tradition of Monteverdi with a contemporary twist, Marshall’s piece deals with epic themes, using the music, staging, lighting, and dancing from 2017. It's a collaborative work between the rapper and his five-man Marshall Law band. The show is universal in its appeal, currently in production. Come be a part of it.

An integral step in any major theater production is the creation and distribution of a tryout. The band's tryout will consist of a handful of concepts and a project single that will be packaged and marketed by Patron Saint, Marshall’s management company. The tryout will be recorded, mixed and mastered at the world-renowned Robert Lang Studios. We need your help to provide the musicians, engineers, and cinematographers the resources needed to go into Robert Lang this summer and create. Please join us in supporting Marshall’s vision to enlighten our collective psyches through his Hero’s Journey.

What your tax-deductible donation will be used for:

·         $2000: Robert Lang Studio

·         $4000: Payment of Band and Artists

·         $1000: Hatchfund Party Venue Rental

·         $500: Marshall Law Merchandise

·         $250: Photographers

·         $250: Videographers

All donations are tax deductible any excess funds will be put towards marketing and post-production. 

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