North Portland Mural

by David Carmack Lewis


When I first spoke with Ecliptic Brewing about painting a mural on a large wall of their building that faces Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon, I knew exactly what kind of image I wanted to do. A few years earlier, at an art residency program in eastern Oregon (, I created a painting of an imaginary constellation in a huge night sky ("Constellation" 2012). I had always thought it would be wonderful to paint something similar on a much, much larger scale. As it turns out, the owners at Ecliptic had seen the very same painting and it was that painting which prompted them to contact me.

For me, the image of the constellation captures the way we perceive and create patterns in the world around us, projecting ourselves out into the universe. We cannot help imagining everything we see as somehow mysteriously connected to other things, influencing their nature and behavior, because that is how we are with each other. Every community is a constellation of individuals, and Oregon, like other places, is a constellation of communities. No matter the distance, physically, culturally or economically, we are all connected.

The wall I will paint is 80 feet across and over 20 feet high, but I plan to approach it pretty much the same way I would a canvas in my studio: with brushes and paint, ready to cover every inch with gesture and color. I'll be using the highest-quality paints made especially for outdoor use and using the same pure pigments found in professional oil paints. The finished mural will then be covered by a layer of anti-graffiti and UV protection so that the vibrant colors will last for decades to come.

We're hoping to raise a minimum of $10,000. The single biggest expense in all of this is renting an all-terrain boom lift, necessary because the wall sits on a relatively steep slope. After that comes materials, insurance, promotional expenses and so on. You can see a full budget of all the costs below. $10,000 will not even cover these, much less the labor involved, but together with other possible matching funds it should be enough to make this project possible, one that I hope will result in a truly iconic Portland mural. I'd like to thank you in advance for being a part of it!

note: Hatchfund is a non-profit supporting artists. In order to operate they require an additional 10% on top of your donation amount. So $50 will actually cost you $55. BUT, the entire $55 or any amount you donate to this project is entirely tax deductible. 


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$15,915 - Total budget for expenses

$6560 - All-terrain boom lift rental (8 weeks)

$2500 - Estimated cost of perks plus shipping

$2130 - Anti-graffiti coating and UV protection

$1800 - Paints and other material supplies

$1275 - Video production and promotion

$1050 - Wall preparation, cleaning and underpainting

$600 - Liability insurance

Match Funds are not currently available.

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