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This project was successfully funded on October 1, 2016

No Boundaries In South Africa

by No Boundaries


From its first inceptions, music has been a collective activity - an activity for drumming, dancing, singing, and playing. It brings joy, strengthens communities, and healing, and though the merits of performance and music education are numerous, at the end of the day music simply brings us together. This is the drive behind the No Boundaries project.

In this spirit of international music exchange, our next project brings us to South Africa, for a 9-day trip. We'll leave August 26th and return the 4th of September. While we’re there, we will perform, teach, and play with students of all ages, and learn from local artists. Our goal is to nurture cultural exchange, and in doing so build new relationships and foundations for growth. The reality of life for many in South Africa is one without accessibility to music education, and No Boundaries is invested in bringing a forum for exploration and learning to the community at no cost, and provide an outlet for creativity and craft.

Funding that we receive will allow us make the trip possible in every way - purchasing plane tickets, renting musical equipment for workshops, and providing lodging and spaces for the students and artists to build their creative conversations.

If we successfully fund our project, we’ll be able to put on a week of workshops and concerts with local artists and students, including masterclasses in improvisation, performance, and group dynamics in music. It’s a way to build community and give hope. We hope that you feel inspired the way that we do, and that you choose to support the project! We need a minimum of $5,000 raised here, which would help us meet the room and board costs of our 7-person crew. and our stretch goal would allow us to extend our trip. Any funds over that will go towards our next project: No Boundaries in the Dominican Republic!

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