by Corina Kinnear


“naked.” is an art happening that includes visual art, sound design, dance, conversation, and live music.

Nudity in art is nothing new, but the marketing of what the body “should look like” is at a new level of infiltration, and it has become easy to lose track of what bodies actually look like.  How do we feel about the nude body?  Is it beautiful, ugly, interesting, confusing. Living and working in Europe for the past three years, I experienced communal showers, nude beaches, and saunas for the first time, and while I tried not to be voyeuristic, I began to become fascinated with my own curiosity in what the human body looks like when it is not skillfully- shaped by clothing or posed for viewing in the way that is societally prescribed as “most beautiful”. In America, and especially in Los Angeles, there are little to no opportunities to see this non-sexualized version of the human form. “naked.” is a platform to start this exploration through art.

The evening's two hour happening is a melting pot of artistic ideas and mediums. When arriving at the The Pico Union Project, (Los Angeles’s oldest synagogue), the audience will explore an immersive space. Installations created by artist Gina Teichert. Photographer Babette Delafayette’s photo exhibit will explore the nude form. A soundscape by Los Angeles indie band Silent Shout will create a sonic mood to the landscape. After the crowd explores the space, five dancers will perform an original dance piece…naked. This half hour dance piece will be choreographed with highly-physical, contemporary movement by me to an original score (also by Silent Shout). After the piece, we will invite our audience to participate in an open discussion on “nakedness” where the artists will ask our guests about THEIR perceptions and experiences of nakedness. Each night will end with a naked a.k.a “stripped down” live set by a different Los Angeles or nationally-known band for each of the sixteen shows.

WHY WE NEED YOU: All of the artists involved will need to support themselves to give the time and energy to this produce their best and most honest work. For this two month long process, our honorariums will total $20,000. For this reason, almost all of your donations will be allocated towards payment of our dancers, photographer, visual artists, sound designers, and paying our bands. Any additional money earned beyond our funding goals will go towards better artist compensation and continued development for subsequent performances. The remaining $4,000 we ask for is allocated to the space development, promotion, and community outreach necessary to bring a diverse audience to the event.

We need your help to do this type of research-based art, so a sincere thank you.  Because of you, our exploration into “nakedness” can begin!