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This project was successfully funded on October 31, 2015

My Your Our Water

by Erin V. Sotak

My Your Our Water 

My Your Our Water began as a collaborative project with Scottsdale Public Art and Salt River Project focused on the water issues specific to the desert of Arizona but it quickly grew into a grassroots conversation about local, regional and global water issues. My Your Our Water is a multiplatform project of intersection, connectivity & aesthetics that revolves around water. There are four components to the project, A Tricked-Out-Tricycle, A Blog,  A Community Facebook Page and a Floating Illuminated Sign.

The Trike was designed to be ridden along the 131 miles of canal paths that line the working canal system in the greater Phoenix, Arizona. During these canal rides, I engage other trail users in conversation about water: water ways, watersheds, water delivery systems, water quality, water resources, water recreation, water conservation, local water issues, national water issues and global water issues. Individuals are invited to participate in the project by submitting imagery of Water in their lives. 

The Blog My Your Our Water  has a daily blog that began in conjunction with the Tricycle rides.The blog is a combination of water facts, documentation of canal rides, interactions and imagery submitted by participants.

The Facebook Page The Facebook page is an outlet to connect interested individuals with timely articles about current and news breaking water issues, petitions and calls to action. This page creates an easy forum for My Your Our Water community to share information and spark change.

The Illuminated Sign is the third component of MYOW. It is 45ft LED illuminated aluminum sign that reads MY YOUR OUR. The sign was launched in the Arizona Canal on the Scottsdale Waterfront in February of 2015. Each aluminum channel letter is 5ft tall, blue aluminum with an acrylic face. 

My Your Our Water  has both a personal and global relevance. The goal is to ramp up the project to have a greater component of activism and national relevance.The more individuals involved in a conversation about any aspect of water: drought, conservation, plastics, clean drinking resources, impacts of farming, recreation, industry, recycled water, whatever the aspect of water- the more individuals participating in the conversation the more likely for an actual shift in thinking to occur and policy changes to be enacted.

My Your Our Water goes to the Midwest

My Your Our Water is ready to hit the river. The Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan to be exact. The project needs help getting from Arizona to Michigan. Yoursupport will help cover the cost of shipping, installation, and insurance for both the sign and the tricycle while defraying the costs of basic structural changes needed to place the sign in a natural flowing river. Did you know that the Grand River is the longest river in Michigan at 252 miles, emptying into Lake Michigan ? Did you know that 21% of the world's fresh water supply is located in the the Great Lakes?  Did you know that 84% of the fresh water in the United States is located in the Great Lakes ? Did you know that  4 of the 5 Great Lakes touch the state of Michigan? Lake Superior, Laker Huron, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie are all directly impacted by what happens in Michigan. My Water. Your Water. Our Water.

Your Impact

This is your chance to help start a conversation about the most critical resource to all life on the planet. Your generous support will help this project expand and gain national attention. Hopefully, this attention will help grow the conversation about water in our lives and how it inextricably links us all.


It's difficult to take action. It's difficult to make a difference but My Your Our Waterwould like to try by continuing to initiate conversation about Water and its intimate connection to all living organisms. With your help, maybe we can make the conversation heard.

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