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This project was successfully funded on March 29, 2017


by Lauren Williams


It began as a fantastical pet project. I wanted to bring nine women together to do what at first seemed like a simple dance piece. As I started growing into my art and myself, I started to see that I could connect more of myself into this project. My questions shifted from examining these characters as women figures, to examining myself, assessing my own misguided misconceptions of what being feminine was like. I started seeing things in such a wider perspective that I decided to run with it and turn it into something tangible and memorable. This is the creation of Muse.

Muse is a performance piece that explores femininity in a multifasceted spectrum. The aim is to showcase this with each performer taking on the persona of one of the nine muses from Greek Mythology. With each person comes a different theme, a different aspect of what it is like to embrace one of the many aspects of femininity. For example, one muse shows us the trait of being a "strong woman," while another muse explores the idea of tackling mental health issues while battling her own conditioned resistance to self-help. Muse aims to open up the dialogue about widening the spectrum about what is feminine, while allowing it to be celebrated, not shunned in a very binary society.

Muse is not just a simple dance project. The goal actually manifests two-fold with the scope of the project: one is to showcase these characteristics through performance, and the other is to utilize and showcase the behind the scenes talents of those who identify as women. Just as femininity is far more than a binary experience, Muse in its execution aims to adhere to this theme through different styles of dance and performance, ranging from ballet and modern, to the inclusion of tap, step, aerial performance, and vocal performance. Tied with that, the purpose of bring more feminine energy to the project is to showcase the strength and unity of femininity surrounding the project.

Muse is a big project, and each day sees new possibilities and new hurdles. With your help in donations, we can secure everything we need to see this show happen, including securing the rehearsal and performance space, technical crew, props and documentation, and thus get this baby to reach the stage. If we were to reach our stretch goal, this means that our contributing artists get paid for all of their hard work as well, including the costume designer who has taken on such a huge task, those who provided music, and the dancers, many of whom have pulled double duty as support to see this project come to life.

From all of us at MUSE, we want to thank you for taking the time out to check out my project. Muse is set to premier on March 24th and 25th of 2017. Please spread the word, and invite more people to share our experience with you!