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This project was successfully funded on July 10, 2018

Monkey Car

by Scott Kay (Kraske)


This is a moving piece of sculpture made from a 45' former school bus that will be sculpted into a Chinese junk ship and drive around at Burning Man ferrying people for the 2018 event at the end of August 2018. We started working on it in January 2018 and have the hardest part of the journey ahead of us. 

The vehicle was an art car in it's previous incarnation in a completely different form, so the base vehicle was ready to be used. We just had to clean off the old and stage it for the new. Architecturally speaking we have started building as of March and are basically ready to lay down the interior and then paint and add a skin that will hold LED lights and UV painted pieces that will be activated at night with black light cannons. 

The big and most urgent items we need funding for it:

1. There was a new engine installed in 2016 but it has been sitting for 1.5 years and we have to get it running and make sure the tires are sound enough for a planned trip in May.

2. Make sure the undercarriage is clean and free of any chemicals that could spoil the ground at any location we are scheduled to attend.

3. Get insurance for the art car as well as well as make is street legal when we take it up north. 

4. Have enough money in the bank when we have the vehicle shipped and dropped off at Burning Man in August, then returned to where it is stored in Oakland.

5. And pay for our artist space at NIMBY in Oakland which is $500/month. 

6. The base vehicle is owned by a collective of artists who had it in its previous incarnation. We are effectively leading it from them. We are paying for it by making it road worthy again and taking it out. We have also invited them to be part of the production when we arrive at Burning Man. 

My motivation is to build something big and bring it as a service to my community at the burn. It is designed to be a functional and moving art piece at the burn. 

It will be beside a Theme camp I designed called Monkey Bar that serves Tea drinks and no booze. 

In May 2018 we are hoping to premiere the vehicle at "All Of Us"; an unofficial regional event in Norcal. To get there we need to make sure we hit those points listed above.

One of the notable features of the car is the figure of the Monkey King on it that when activated will let out a huge bass filled roar. The theme of this year Burning Man event is iRobot. And we are going to play with that idea and engage people in fun events like Monkey versus Robots and more. This is the bar raised and this is a chance to give to my community. 

Thank you for getting this far! The video is short and sweet, but the content says a lot too. We are looking at building something that people in our community will really see as an asset for 2018. For art and community. Thank you!