Mixed Media Installation

by Insook Hwang


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My work is a multi-dimensional drawing installation composed of various drawings, paintings, sculptures and animations. For over a decade, I've been developing diverse mixed media techniques, a combination of traditional techniques and various digital techniques which include lenticular prints (holograms), stenciling, sticker making, digital print, digital cutting, photography, animation, painting, drawing, sewing and collage.  

My interest is in creating a form that resembles a living organism by combining small, repeating images that assemble into a larger, more intriguing form. When creating forms digitally, I use each small image like a living cell, replicating them with slight variations in their form. Like the elements in my work, my installations are whimsical, transformable and can be expandable as each individual work connects with the others organically.

I perceive the given space not only as an artist but also an architect, creating dioramas and designing my installations in relation to the given space, human scale, and the movement of the viewers. I believe that my role as an artist is to inspire and energize people with love and positive energy through my art, which creates magical forms and imaginative space. My goal is to send messages of love, peace and harmony for the world. 

My most recent works on paper share the theme of biomorphic bubble shapes containing abstract marks symbolizing the different characteristics of living organisms. Particles spread all over the space with different densities creating different atmospheres, some feel more energetic while others calmly move in a silent space. For example, one of my recent wall installation piece The Energy - Love, The molecules (wall 2, 8.5 x 25 feet), is my imagination of the invisible but most powerful energy field in existence, the love for all living things.

I’ve included the element of time in my work with the lenticulars, animations and mirrors, which add one more dimension to my installation. The reflection in the mirror suggests the viewer’s present time and space in contrast to the space behind the mirror already defined by the artist. Since 2008, I have been making lenticular prints (holograms) and applying them as distinctive visual elements in my work. This is a process involving the creation of multiple images and merging them digitally into one interlacing layer, printing the images and applying the lenticular lenses (clear plastic plate that has ridges) to it. The final print as viewed from different angles changes like an animation. Acrylic paint is the main material in my wall drawing and my canvas work. 

I am seeking the financial support of Hatchfund in the amount of $5,500.  The funds that I am asking for will cover this large size printer for canvas and materials: ink, acrylic paint & medium and twenty large lenticular plates. Any additional money raised will be used for purchasing materials,studio rental and art related activities.

For my new project, I will experiment with two different types of installation pieces: a series of different biomorphic forms resembling the deep ocean or the microscopic view of organisms, lenticular prints of patterns of images, texts and abstract shapes, and animated videos projected onto walls. The structures of biomorphic forms (molecules) will be created digitally and printed on large canvas rolls in blue and purple tones with acrylic paint and medium applied upon the printed images and cut out shapes of acrylic mirrors. With the lenticular prints, the collaged part of my previous lenticular work will be enlarge from images smaller than 10 inches to sizes larger than over six or seven feet in height and four feet in width upon canvas. This will be accomplished by digitally printing the interlaced images on canvas with a large industrial printer, then adding acrylic paint and medium before applying the cut out shapes of lenticular lenses upon it. If the viewer proceeds looking at the images, it will look like an animated abstract painting. I will also experiment with projecting multiple animations onto multiple walls of my installation spaces. I will be creating several different animations with images of biomorphic forms, texts and net structures, which will strengthen the fantastic atmosphere of the space. 

Thank you so much for your support!