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mise-en music festival



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We here at ensemble mise-en are constantly striving to find ways to create an open platform for composers, musicians, and audience members to work, perform, and network together. For that reason, we came up with the idea to host a new music festival that breaks down traditional barriers and encourages all to interact freely with one another. We began by holding a call for scores, which welcomed submissions by composers of all backgrounds. From that, we received 862 compositions by 702 composers from 65 different countries -- and, thus, mise-en music festival 2014 was born! 

The first annual mise-en music festival will be held in New York City from June 19th to June 22nd and will be presented by us, ensemble mise-en, and two guest ensembles: Ensemble Paramirabo from Canada and the New York based Momenta String Quartet. In total, the concert series will feature four curated concerts and one marathon concert (total 6 hours, comprising 6 sectional concerts). The workshop series will take place in collaboration with the cell and will be led by Korean traditional music expert Gamin, American jazz/improvisation vocalist and composer Fay Victor, and members of our ensemble.

Concert Series

Concert I (June 19) will highlight the works of living Korean composers. While this year’s focus is on Korean composition, the ensemble will present concerts with different geographical focuses in subsequent festivals. Ensemble mise-en is excited to partner with the Korean Cultural Service in presenting this concert.

Concert II (June 20) will take place at Americas Society and feature Ensemble Paramirabo from Canada. It will include the U.S. premieres of works by Maxime McKinley (Canada), Patrick Giguere (Canada), Michel Gonneville (Canada), Philippe Leroux (France/Montreal), and Frank Zappa (USA, arranged by Symon Henry).

Concert III (June 21) will feature the Momenta Quartet, highlighting compositions by Taiwanese composers, including Fang-Wei (Taiwan) and Annie Hui-Hsin (Taiwan/Australia), as well as other works in the Momenta Quartet’s repertoire.

Concert IV (June 21) will be a celebration of Scandinavian composition and Danish composer Bent Sørensen. It will include the U.S. premiere of Shadowland, Ständchen, and Gondole, along with performances of The Bells of Vineta and Lontanamente - Fragments of a waltz.

The New Music Marathon (June 22) will include works ranging from solo pieces to compositions for chamber orchestra, and from acoustic music to electroacoustic music.

Workshop Series @ the cell

Workshop I (June 21) is entitled “Composition, New Sounds and Orchestral Instruments” workshop and will include a discussion about new music, performance techniques, extended techniques, and the use of these techniques in modern composition. Members of ensemble mise-en will demonstrate all sounds. 

Workshop II (June 21) will be hosted by improvisor and jazz vocalist Fay Victor and will invite both musicians and nonmusicians to participate in a community improvisation group. 

Workshop III (June 21) will take participants on a journey through the history and performance of Korean traditional instruments. Gamin will explain how these instruments are played and talk about how they have been adapted for new music performance. She will also hold a Q&A session following her presentation.

Right now, we are asking for your support to help reach our minimum fundraising goal of $7,000. Each dollar you give is completely tax deductible and will be used to cover the costs of space and music rentals, musician fees, transportation, production, recording, and receptions. Should we surpass our minimum goal, your donation will be used to cover the costs of the festival administration, guest artists, and receptions. So, thank you in advance and we hope to see you at mise-en music festival 2014!

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