Magic Tears

by Denali Grace and Michael Wozich


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After Michael Wozich, the literary author, suffered the tragic loss of his wife, he discovered there were few books available for those needing support with grief, especially for his grandchildren.

Thus began a collaboration between Michael and myself as illustrator to create the book "Magic Tears".

"Magic Tears" is an illustrated story book for children and any one who has been affected by loss in their immediate or extended family circle. 

"Magic Tears" tells the story of a grieving bear who loses his beloved best friend. Big Bear lives on Turtle Island with his mate Smiling Angel, but one sad day Big Bear comes home to his den to find that smiling Angel is gone.Big Bear cries so much that Turtle Island is about to flood with his rainbow tears. He is taken on a soulful journey with the advice of a little fox to find Smiling Angel in his heart, and save Turtle Island from sinking.

This book is important now, because Michael and I believe that more support for bereaved children, teens, and adults is critical. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau one out of every 20 children will suffer the loss of one or both parents. We would like "Magic Tears" to spread solace and awareness in response to this need.

Laurie Baumer, president and CEO of Ele's Place is quoted saying, "Children who do not resolve the difficult issues around grief and loss are at risk to themselves and to society, now or as adults. Unresolved childhood loss is often linked with depression, violence, truancy, school failure, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies."

The good news is that the book is nearly complete. We need additional funds for the final touches. Michael and I need professional scans of the art work, story editing, and layout to complete the very expensive cost of publishing this book.

We wish to create not only a hard cover copy, but also a soft cover, and an e-book that can be printed on demand. We would like to reach a diversity of incomes and wider audiences around the world.

Children's picture books are very expensive to print and any over funding will go towards the traditional printing costs of high quality, hard cover books. Our minimum funding goal will only enable us to cover e-book costs and print on demand books.

The premium hard cover books will  feature more brilliant color and detail from the original paintings so that children can touch, love and cherish them for a lifetime.

With additional funding we will expand our marketing with story time events bringing awareness to this cause through workshops, lectures, and art classes in schools, libraries and communities.We will reach more grieving centers and support groups nationally and locally. 

Thank you so very much for your time, interest and support of this worthy cause!  This project is close to our heart, and you have the power to positively affect and inspire the lives of children. 

Together we can influence and make a difference. 

Thank you for caring!!!!         

Very Best, Michael and Denali.

Just a note:We must reach our minimum goal by our deadline to receive "any" funding for our project.

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