Luxury Accommodations Realization at Vermont Studio Center

by Nathan Gorgen


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My digital concept for the unrealized project "Luxury Accommodations" has been shown as a work of art in its own right in Ohio and California, and now the time has come to bring it to life.

I have been awarded an artist grant to attend the Vermont Studio Center for the month of  January 2013.  Durring this time I intend to create a full-sized, physicall version of my conceptual work, "Luxury Accommodations."  This work deals with issues of simulated grandure, meaningless luxury, perceptions of wealth, and the desire to project those perceptions regardless of their reality.  In its final form, "Luxury Accommodations" will involve the faux finishing of the interior of a genuine, plastic portable toilet.  The "projected" value of the interior, wich will reference the tradition of sumptuous marble bathrooms, will be undercut by the reality of the plastic materials and machined construction of the mass-produced porta-potty. 

Unfortunately, my grant does not cover the full cost of the residency.  I am therefore asking you, my potential donors, to help me raise the $4,000 I need by December 7th so that this project may proceed!  This money will cover not only tuition to the VSC, but also the cost of materials, transportation and the submission of the final product to art exhibitions and competitions!

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