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This project was successfully funded on August 11, 2018

Lullabies Till Dawn

by Simon Fink


LULLABIES TILL DAWN is an ILLUSTRATED SONGBOOK with MUSIC and MEMOIR by Simon Fink and ART by Benjamin Parks. It is a genre-bending and highly personal multi-media deep-dive into parental love, sleepless delirium, and art-making.


Sleep was my biggest challenge as a new parent. Yet there was something strangely alluring, hypnotic, and addictive about all those endless nights and early mornings. I felt like I was in a heightened state, walking the edge of a cliff—one single path forward. All my worldly problems were reduced to one: how to get off the sleepless precipice. 


About four years ago I quit my teaching job to stay at home with my kids. I had recently finished a doctorate in Music Composition in Chicago where my dissertation was a contemplative piece of chamber music premiered by elite classical musicians.

Now, utterly consumed with the kids, this kind of meticulous, adult-oriented music-making felt distant and inadequate. Furthermore, my bandwidth for writing was, to put it mildly, reduced. My most creative periods were no longer at the piano or studio desk, but in the late-night rocking chair.


Out of this experience came some of my most personal, immediate, and unadorned music in the form of the LULLABIES I sang to my children. These songs form the basis of this project.



The book will include LYRICS, SHEET MUSIC, expansive ILLUSTRATIONS, and a written COMMENTARY chronicling each song and connecting it to a larger narrative about the joys and challenges of the early years of parenting. It will be printed as a LIMITED EDITION FIRST PRINTING. Each hardcover book will be labeled with a unique edition number and signed by the author and artist. We intend it to be part personal journal, part multimedia fine art object, part keepsake/gift, and part functional reference of practical and contemporary lullabies.

A lush, natural-sounding RECORDING of the songs (CD/mp3) will compliment the book. THE WIRES (, an immensely creative string duo (violin/cello) will join the project as collaborators on the song arrangements and recordings pending the availability of the Stretch Goal funds (see below).


It is a thrill and an honor to work with BENJAMIN PARKS ( on this project. Ben's past work includes mind-blowing large-scale portraits that combine rigorous technique with a soulful empathy towards his subjects. Ben's work on this project includes illustrations for each song, overall visual design and layout of the book, CD art, and other project materials. 


As independent artists not relying on a commercial publisher or record label, we are asking for your help to bring this music and art into the world the way we think it should be. Lullabies Till Dawn has won an ArtsKC Inspiration Grant and an Artist INC Advance “Peer Award.” This month we hope to team up with YOU to raise the remaining needed funds.


With Hatchfund, all donations to this project are TAX-DEDUCTABLE.

We appreciate your support at any level. We are dedicating a page of the book to thank all of our supporters. EVERYONE who donates to this campaign will get their NAME WRITTEN INTO the book.

We are planning a special PRIVATE EVENT to celebrate the completion of the project. Anyone who donates at $50 OR ABOVE will receive an invitation! The event will feature lullabies, drinks, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the book. Location will be Benjamin Parks’s studio in the West Bottoms (Kansas City). Date and time T.B.A.

The books will be printed as a LIMITED EDITION, FIRST PRINTING run. Each hardcover book will be labeled with a UNIQUE EDITION NUMBER and SIGNED by the author and artist.

Benjamin Parks will create a limited series of LITHOGRAPH prints based the book’s illustrations. Each print is one-of-a-kind and will be signed and numbered by the artist. These are available individually or as a full (12) or half (6) set.

Private HOUSE CONCERTS are also available and will be arranged with the artist to fit your schedule. Travel costs beyond the St. Joseph/Kansas City area are not included in the donation, but can be negotiated separately. Please ask if you have any questions!


AUGUST: Create a complete draft of book. Record CD.

SEPTEMBER: Finalize book content and design. Mix and master CD.

OCTOBER: Book and CD printing.

NOVEMBER: Ship books and other materials to our supporters.


Book printing                                                                   $3000

CD printing                                                                       $500

Other materials (mailers, perks, etc.)                           $1200

STRETCH: The Wires + Additional audio support       $2800

Taxes and Fees                                                                 $1500

TOTAL:                                                                                $9000                                    


Our base goal funds the limited edition printing of the book and CD. The additional stretch money funds the addition of The Wires alternative string duo ( on the recording plus additional pro audio support in mixing and mastering.

This campaign is ALL OR NOTHING. We must hit our base goal to receive any of the funds.