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This project was successfully funded on June 22, 2015

Love Songs for the Rest of Us Music Videos

by Stephanie Johnstone


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UPDATE: Hey Everyone! We are so happy to announce that thanks to the generosity of 50 lovely donors we have recouped all the money we borrowed to make the music videos. We can't wait to share these messages of enthusiastic consent and true sexual freedom with all of you and the rest of the world!

And we are not done yet! Any additional funds raised will help us follow through on recouping album costs, making dance remixes, paying our fantastic singers who worked on spec, and making an interactive website, full of resources for continuing these conversations!

Remember, buy your ticket to the party here and pay $5 less than at the door!


We believe music is powerful and there is a great need in the world for refrains and melodies to sing and shout from rooftops that reflect expanding conversations around sex, relationships, love, and families.

This belief inspired us to create a "concertsation"- part music, part facilitated conversation- that we took on the road in 2013, and into the homes of (mostly) strangers across America. The singing, laughing, crying, and talking we did with all those people has continued to inspire us in writing new songs.

To learn more about the genesis of this project, hear some of the music, and read about our adventures on tour go to

These music videos are for two new songs that speak to some of the themes that arose over the course of the tour, the ones that kept popping up in our brains, first thing in the morning and as we tried to fall asleep at night.

*How I Like It* was written in response to conversations we had about sexual assault, "Yes Means Yes," and the nervousness people feel when talking about sex. The song calls for enthusiastic consent and celebrates not just the necessity of clarifying sexual desires and boundaries, but also the joy and sexiness of it.

*No Shame *confronts the shame we are all made to feel about sexuality. It is something we have thought about a great deal in our own lives, but took on greater dimensions and clarity during conversations on the tour. Beyond the question at the heart of one of the greatest civil rights struggles of our time, that of who we love, it became clear that we additionally need a bright, celebratory light shone on the freedom people should have in how they love and how they choose, or choose not to, engage in sexual and/or romantic lives.

These songs are invitations. We want to share them as widely as possible, and decided these music videos would be the best vehicle to do that. So many wonderful people came together to make these celebrations of consent and sexual freedom happen on a large scale. The teenagers in *How I Like It *participated in a consent workshop facilitated by Stephanie, and collaborated with the choreographers to create the dance for the video. And *No Shame *turned out to be so much more than a video shoot, with a vibrant, diverse group of people who truly believe in the message of the song turning out to march and dance in celebration of its power.

We hope these videos will be footholds of comfort and joy for those who have thought a great deal about these issues and are working everyday to ensure the freedoms we are celebrating here are real for everyone. We equally hope the songs will ignite new thought processes in those who haven’t had the opportunity to think about what it would be like to live in a world where enthusiastic consent and sexuality without shame are the status quo.

We borrowed the money to make these videos, and now we are asking for your help in paying it back.

If we raise $3,500 we will be able to cover the costs of equipment and space rental, permits, feeding our large cast and crew, and all the other costs associated with making two incredibly low-budget music videos, which were mostly fueled with passion and love!

If we raise $8,500 we will be able to cover the videos, and cover the costs of finishing the album, which includes paying the fantastic singers who were generous enough to work on it without pay.

And if we raise $10,000 we will be able to all of the above, as well as move forward with launching an interactive website that will serve as a resource for anyone wanting to engage further in the conversations we hope these songs and videos spark.

We are pre-selling tickets to our album release/dance party where we will debut these videos. It's a win-win situation, where you can buy a ticket and/or purchase a download code for the album, and also support this project!

Thanks you so much and we hope to see you at the party!

And here are the details of the party:

*June 21st, 2015the 4th floor of West Park Presbyterian Church in NYC (165W. 86th St, enter through the side door on 86th St) 7:30pm*

More info can be found on our facebook page. Feel free to invite others!

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