by Collin McRae and Reed Esslinger


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The Loompianola was conceived from a fascination with the shared lineage of a loom, a piano, and early computers. The Cranbrook Loom and Grinnell Brothers Player Piano each form a strong link to the ingenuity and industry of southeast Michigan; as a hybrid object, their taut strings pluck at each other’s original function and meaning. When activated by performers, the loom's warp and a piano's array of strings create music that is altered as the tapestry accumulates. Sensory technology embedded in the object activates a synergy of sonic, laborious, and playful movement.

Drawing on the tradition of chamber music, “a musical conversation among friends in the home,” Loompianola fosters dialogue between not only distinct objects but artists of various backgrounds: Collin McRae, an experimental musician and animator, and Reed Esslinger, a performance artist and weaver. Like any organic conversation among friends, the language of Loompianola emerges organically from its operators.

We're hoping to raise $4,600 for this project. Even reaching our threshold goal of $2,500 would be transformative for this project. These funds would help us transport the (very) heavy components of the project to and from the gallery, and pay for the extensive amounts of strings and lumber we will need. This is a situation where better funding means better quality materials, and more sensitive audio equipment, and a more successful final outcome. If we surpass this goal, that means that the Loompianola can be even bigger and better, and would enable it to travel. We have an opportunity to show it in New York City, and if we generate enough, we would be able to do that!

Thank you so much for taking the time to look, and if you are able to support us, we are so appreciative and would love to keep in touch with you!

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    • May 12, 2014 Max Pollak Artist

      very creative concept! can't wait to see the instrument and your performance. Congratulations!

    • May 03, 2014 Collin McRae and Reed Esslinger Artist

      Follow our progress and see pictures of the T-Shirt // painting mentioned in our perks to the right, here at our tumblr! http://loompianola-project.tumblr.com/