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This project was successfully funded on March 14, 2018

Likely Stories Series

by Barbara Noah


Likely Stories is a series of archival pigment prints that are humorous and joyful, but also contain underlying significant issues that create an ironic duality with what at first seems purely whimsical. I mounted a previous exhibition of the first half of this series at Davidson Galleries in Seattle and also exhibited the work in other locations nationally and internationally. This new exhibition will be the anticipated captivating finale, the second half of the series. In order to create the ten to fifteen new final prints and prepare them for the solo exhibition and future venues in other cities, I will create new image combinations of airborne metaphoric objects in their compelling cosmic backgrounds.

"H2O (planetary water molecules & mouse heads) ©2017, archival pigment print, 20"X39.5"  For Image credits, go to

The context for this series is the sky, with its history of adventure and achievement, in which the metaphoric objects, like balloons, dodge balls, marbles, paper planes, and various toys are propelled. The work also refers to potentially imperiled landscapes, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial, expressing the urgency of climate change, which has sparked recent cultural consideration of the colonization of other planets. Some are symbolic of various phenomena or entities, like balloons as metaphors for breathing, jacks as stars, or whiffle balls as shocked or frightened faces, while others, like the marbles moons, represent ironic potential alternate living environments, ironic locations for colonization. The toys are manifestations of childhood dreams, when imagination makes all things seem possible, and the marbles are macroscopic stand-ins for planets or satellites or micro scale stand-ins for atoms forming chemical structures like a mouse head water molecule (a component necessary for life in the universe), or an ethanol (alcohol) molecule dog. The presence of these often-comical airborne forms is deadpan and absurd relative to the grandeur of the lofty extraterrestrial contexts, their juxtapositions both ridiculous and sublime. They allude to such issues as aspiration in the face of the long-shot, since the narrative scenarios are not feasible let alone likely, yet appear to be triumphantly possible. This work also suggests dichotomies between the near and the far, optimism and fear, aging or mortality in the context of dispassionate infinity, a search for meaning vs. the urge to escape from reality, an intimate and human touch in a science/tech world, and our daily intimate lives on earth juxtaposed with unfathomably distant places. In full throttle can-do mode, the Likely Stories images are visionary surrogate selfies, parodies of and homages to the grandeur of distant skies, in which viewers, through the objects, ascend to improbable, transcendent heights, wryly reflective of the humor and pathos of the desire for human achievement and both ordinary and extraordinary experience.

Some of the new images are already underway, for which I select the content, shoot photos of the objects with lighting matching the backgrounds, create and edit the work digitally. I then proof and print the images, an exacting process critical to the success of the images. The background images often require extensive editing from the downloads from sites like NASA and the Hubble telescope, in order to edit out artifacts, “paint” out areas I do not want, correct anomalies like streaks, and alter color or move parts around as I see fit. I proof and print the smaller images, but I do test proofs and then work with a service bureau to print the larger ones.

"Ring ©2015, archival pigment print, 6.56" x 4.25"   For Image credits, go to

I am raising funds for printing paper and inks, service bureau printing fees for the larger works, and framing costs, since I have depleted available funds on previous work in the series and therefore need additional funds to complete and prepare the work for exhibition. My stretch or maximum goal also includes additional funds for partial editions of some of the Likely Storiesimages. Your donation to support this project will be tax deductible, and you will also receive perks commensurate with your donation level, some available prior to the exhibition and others that depend on selection of final images from the exhibition body of work that will be provided just prior to or during the exhibition. 

If you would like to see the images created for the Likely Stories series so far and my bio and resume with past accomplishments, please see my showcase page on the Hatchfund website or the Recent Series section of my website, on which you will also find images for potential purchase, in case you are interested in that alternate method of support. There may be a periodic interruption in access to my website, as I transition to a new site and host:

"Ringer ©2007, archival pigment print on paper, 32"X 35 3/8"  For Image credits, go to

The credits for the images on this project page and my showcase page are on my website on the Image Credits page. My website with the Likely Stories works so far:

Hatchfund showcase website:

Thank you very much for your interest, and thanks in advance for your support of this engaging and compelling new work!

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