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This project was successfully funded on December 24, 2017


by Joey Lubelfeld


On Thursday, November 30, 2017, the Chicago Tribune and New York Times both published an article addressing sexual harassment and assault allegations made against Lebensraum playwright Israel Horovitz by nine different women. Both Ben Kaye (Associate Producer) and I met immediately following the article's publication on Thursday night to create and implement a plan moving forward. Without hesitation, we both agreed that we could not in good conscience produce and explore the work and ideas of this aggressor. This was clear to us in a desire to not promote funds to Mr. Horovitz via purchasing the play's rights, and disrespecting these courageous women.

We were left with the option to completely abandon this process, find a new published play to produce, or devise a piece centered around similar themes. We chose to move forward with the latter —- this allows us to continue our civic engagement efforts in donating a portion of ticket sales to local and national Jewish nonprofit organizations. With this shift in plan, we are now planning to additionally donate a portion of tickets sales to nonprofit organizations that are working to provide resources for victims of sexual violence. 

It is our hope that you will continue on this journey with us by allowing us to continue to use your donations given this new project plan. Your donations could now go even further and we are excited to create a piece based around similar themes of government-sanctioned genocide, anti-semitism, immigration, inter-faith relationships, homecoming, and forgiveness. Through your support, you can help create something beautiful in response to something so ugly.

 Our new distribution of funds is as follows:

$2,100 - $300 actor stipends for seven performers

$2,000 - creative team fees (director, designers, playwright, dramaturg)

$500 - Production/Technical fees

$3,100 - rehearsal, tech, and performance space rentals

$600 - design material fees

$600 - administrative fees

$525 - marketing fees

$277 - 3% contingency

Again, we ask that you consider this tax-deductible donation. Let us know if you would like to keep your donation or seek reimbursement (less the credit card processing fee and the Hatchfund sustainability fee). Please reach out to jlubelfeld@gmail.comwith any questions.

With much gratitude,

Joey Lubelfeld


Ben Kaye

Associate Producer

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