Learn How To Weave Rugs!

by Hayk Oltaci


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My name is Hayk Oltaci. I am the owner of the “Hayko Fine Rugs and Tapestries”

My love of antique rugs and carpets made me want to share my knowledge with others. Six years ago, I began offering weaving classes for people who wanted to learn how these rugs are made. I started by teaching small groups of beginners the techniques of rug weaving. Each participant was given the tools and materials to complete a small project and was taught thetraditional method of making an oriental rug. Many of my students asked me to teach more advanced weaving and finishing techniques. So I created a weaving program for more advanced projects.

My classes have been very successful. The students not only wanted to learn how to make rugs, they also want to learn about the culture and history of weaving. It is now my dream to open a fully equipped classroom for people who share my passion for weaving.

With the help of the Hatchfund campaign, I hope to raise enough money to expand my weaving program. I will be able to provide the necessary tools and materials techniques of vertical rug weaving. Participants will explore pattern weaves using a variety of looms, drafting techniques, weave structures and fibers. I will teach them how to think about and design beautiful patterns or figural images. I also plan to make a video tutorial showing detailed weaving techniques for both beginners and advanced students. The Hatchfund will help me do all of this.

I will be forever grateful for your assistance. Thank you for considering my proposal!