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This project was successfully funded on July 15, 2013

Large Exterior Wall Mosaic

by Candace Hibbard Lillie


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     In keeping with the theme of our first mosaic which graces the bottom of our indoor garden pond, we propose to enhance this 25' x 10' concrete wall with a large scale mosaic composed of Art Nouveau style fairies, flowers, plants and designs. The work will utilise reclaimed tile and discarded materials for the basic colour pallette, with new materials for mastic and grouting. Initially planned as a mundane stone wall, this space has haunted Candace since the foundation of the dance studio was first poured, as a potential surface for another mosaic. The M.A.D. House Artists was envisioned as an environment where artists can find inspiration and expression from its beginning. This space where the project will be realised is the lower portion of the west side of the building that houses the dance studio. This walk and these steps beside the garden are some of the first places seen by visitors to our center, and a mosaic on this wall would be an enhancement to the overall ambience of the artists retreat.

     This project proposes to replace concrete with a significant work of art, an elegant mosaic in the Art Nouveau style on a subject in keeping with The M.A.D. House Artists theme: Fantasy, fairies and natural beauty. Using a subtle colour pallette in green, blue and lavender with highlights in yellows and oranges, we plan to repurpose cast-off tiles and broken ceramics into a  work of art, gracing this plain, unfinished wall with a surface of enduring beauty.

     The project commences this spring and will be completed over the next year or so, as the weather permits. Initially the task will be locating all the tile and broken pieces of coloured ceramic from many sources, to reuse that which has been cast off, not to buy new tile and shortcut the process, though for some of the more subtle shading new tiles may have to be purchased. The greatest cost will be in tile, mastic, grout and sealant,  preparing the surface to accept the mosaic and to making it weatherproof once completed. The location is under a deck, so it is modestly protected from some weather, but the area faces west toward Grand Lake, and will be subject to strong winds and setting sun. Correct application will be very important. Protection from the weather during the project is possible, due to its location under the deck and the availability of the deck and support beams for draping plastic protective sheets.

Project requirements include:

55,000 small tiles. Reclaimed from left over house tiles, found tiles, broken ceramics and, if necessary, purchased tiles to meet the colour requirements of the design. Purchased tiles are $20 per thousand. For higest quality or gilded tiles, the cost would be greater. Tiles...$1,200.00. The exposed concrete wall has been standing for fourteen years and will need to be prepared for the application of the design. The hardware store suggested Muriatic Acid, at $10/gallon. Muriatic Acid...$30.00. To adhere the tile to the wall will require three or four fifty pound bags of Thin-set mortar at approximately $25.00/bag plus driving or delivery charges. Thin-Set Mortar...$120.00. Grouting 250 square feet of very small tiles in varying thicknesses will call for five 25 pound bags of grout, plain white, at a cost of around $20.00/bag, plus driving or delivery charges. Grout...$120.00. Protecting this work from the ravages of the weather coming off the lake will require a quality grout sealer.  Four gallons of Bullet Proof Stone and Grout Sealer at a cost of $225.00 per gallon, plus cost of driving or delivery. Bullet Proof Grout Sealer...$950.00. Shelter from the weather while the project is under construction (for both the work and the artist) will require draping the area from the deck above, which stands about 25 feet off the ground. Plastic can be bought in 100 foot rolls for $35/roll. Four rolls of Plastic covering plus shipping...$140.00. Though we have some of the needed tools, we are allowing for the chance that they may need to be replaced in the process of the project. Trowels, buckets, brushes to clean the wall, rags and towels for applying the mastic and grout and wiping away the surplus. Tools...$200.00. We are most appreciative of your support - and have budgeted in the necessary postage and cost for the promised Thank-You perks. We will enjoy meeting everyone when the project is finished and the reception is held for the unveiling. Postage and cost of Perks...$240.00. For a total project budget of...$3000.00.

     The sum of $3,000.00 should cover the basic cost of materials needed for this endeavor. If overfunded, monies will be applied to better quality materials for the mosaic work, or in another area of artistic expression here at The Grand Lake Artistic Chaos Foundation, by adding climate control to The M.A.D. House Artists Dance Studio. There is also a proposed project to cover the interior walls of the elevator with theatre posters and seal the surface. We are always working on a new art project here.

     Thank you in advance for helping realise this dream. Without your assistance we certainly would not have been able to manage the expense of this project and it would have remained nothing but a dream. Thank you again and again.

Candace and Dennis Lillie

The M.A.D. House Artists

( A.nd

The Grand Lake Artistic Chaos Foundation

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