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This project was successfully funded on July 24, 2017

Lama Earthwork

by KL/LK


During this time of technology-driven disconnection and increasing social and political violence, we feel that spaces of respite and refuge are crucial for survival of the human spirit.  We believe that connection with nature is restorative.  Lama Earthwork is intended to strengthen this connection via an immersive sensory experience in a stunning and invigorating landscape.

HEREKEKE Arts Center is located at an elevation of 8500 ft which places this project in a unique high desert.  During our time as Visiting Artists we learned that the pace of work & life at this height on “the Mountain” asks us to slow down.  To work together.  To breathe a little deeper. And we want to share this experience with you and everyone who’s working with us on the project.  

Lama Earthwork will involve a material palette appropriate for the dramatic climate of the region.  A flagstone path will be slightly hidden by billowy native grasses, which we will plant from seed. Following this path will carry one down into the earth where thick white adobe walls angle up to the sky.  The transition from journey to arrival will be marked by a step down and a shift from large flagstone to river rock.  Inside, visitors will be welcomed by wooden platforms on which they can rest and recline in this digital free zone.



We will first be working with local builders to repair and prep the site. Waste materials will be removed, the earth graded and a new foundation set. Later this August we will be joined by a group of wonderful volunteers.  These amazing people (who, like so many, spend their days in front of computers) will accompany us in the pouring of adobe walls and laying of flagstone. Together we will engage in the primal joy of digging in the dirt, getting messy, and building something BIG!  

Our building approach is simple: utilize salvaged materials from the surrounding area and procure other needed materials from sources as close as possible. The wooden platforms will be constructed from lumber reclaimed from the 100 acre ranch surrounding HEREKEKE.  All of our stone, gravel, and foundation materials will be sourced from local businesses in Taos, as will adobe for the walls.

When we started this project collaboration was always our intention.  Now we understand that this approach to work and a meaningful community experience are as important as the structure we’re building.  We’re lucky to be in partnership with the wonderful people at HEREKEKE, the local building community on Lama Mountain, our volunteers and creative networks, friends, family, and yes… you.  Together we can honor the need for creative and spiritual refuge in the creation of this community space.

Reaching our goal of $11,000 will support our first phase of construction this August. Your donations will help us cover building costs, provide food and a camp facility for our volunteers, and allow us to support the local builders whose knowledge and skill are needed for this project.  Raising our stretch goal will get us through the second phase of construction next summer and through to completion.

Thank you so much for supporting Lama Earthwork! And be sure to check out the perks. Certain donation levels offer stays at HEREKEKE Arts Center so you can experience this incredible place for yourself...


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