L.A. Post Cards

by Violetta-Antonia Sorcini


My career as an artist started when I won an all-city (Los Angeles School District) art contest in the 4th grade.  My interest in the city of Los Angeles started when I was very young my father took me every Saturday to the 3rd and Hill Street Gym (a professional boxing gym) via the little trolley that now ends on Grand Performances California Plaza “Angels Flight” it was in a different location at the time.  We climbed winding stairs in an old building where a large size man was seated collecting a fee to enter the gym to watch boxers and boxing stars train.  It was then that I fell in love with the city of Los Angeles and its people.  My project is to bring to Artistic light of my vision of that love in Art Photography, Paintings, drawings and Poetry.

This project is in two parts, "L. A. Post Card" and "From My Window"   The first "L.A. Post Card" is the title of a proposed Artbook with Art Photography of Los Angeles building focusing on esthetic geometry, patterns, shapes, light and atmosphere that is part of the buildings and how they influence the space around them.  In this part of the project, I am recalling the old 1 penny postcard of California and Los Angeles and updating the look to a bright colorful presentation emphasizing the drama and the beauty of the Art that is created by their presence.

Part Two of this project is called "From My Backyard” This a gallery exhibition of the Artwork in the book project and more.  Included are painting, drawing and poetry not included in the book.  The Art Exhibition will be an open event including poetry reading, and music.  All this within blocks and in sight of Los Angeles Civic Center and the City Hall building.

Raised in East Los Angeles housing projects leaving home at the age of fifteen MS. Violetta Antonia Sorcini became acquainted with street and mural artists Los Cuatro (The Four) from East Los Angeles.  Inspired, she graduated from UCLA School of Arts studying an influenced by Richard Diebenkron, Sam Amato, Jan Stussy among others.  Ms. Sorcini had a long career as an abstract artist, showing regularly with representation in Los Angeles and in New York.  Her honors included a residency in Spain and being invited by His Majesty Juan Carlos II to a group show at the Palace Armory in Madrid, with notable American and European artists Jamie Wyeth and works by the renowned Spanish artist Xavier Corberó.  Ms. Sorcini also owned and operated The Tolin Art Galleries, Sorcini by Design, advertising and Design company and Leap’n Lizards Mural and Design company.  Over 15 years ago, she was stricken with a near fatal illness stomach cancer with a 10-year rehabilitation.  Ms. Sorcini remains a single person dedicating her life as a community activist.  Creating a non-profit organization, The Institute for Urban Research and Development (IURD( that raised over $60 millions of dollars for affordable housing for the poor,  with associate Joseph Colletti.    Having restarted her art career with a number of projects that involve taking a look at her social and physical environments and making interpretations from experiences and her social sensibilities.  Currently, exhibiting locally, internationally and associated with the ChimMaya Art Gallery and La Galleria Gitana in Los Angeles, California.

Ms. Violetta’s selected past and present gallery affiliations are listed here.

ESTER ROBLES GALLERY- La Cienega, Los Angeles, California

THE POINT GALLERY- Santa Monica, California-


MAC HOUSTON GALLERY- Pasadena, California, 

Creative Artist Network CAN - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 

LAARTCORE, Los Angeles, California, 

ART SOUTH GALLERY, artist agents, Philadelphia, PA, New York


FREMONT GALLERY, South Pasadena, California 2009 to 2015

KGB GALLERY, Los Angeles, California, 2009 to present

ChimMaya Art Gallery, Los Angeles California, 2010 to present

 La Gitana Art Gallery, Los Angeles California 2015 to present


I am asking for $9,000 to supplement my investments in this project to pay for an Art Book publication, depicting artwork interpretations of the changing face of Los Angeles as seen through my artistic vision.  I am also asking for an extended amount that will bring the total to $19,350 to defer the cost of framing and for the cost of a gallery exhibition.  I have invested $6,000, of my own funds, toward this project preparing for creating a publication and an art show.  I remain a single artist making ground in what is a challenging career for a mature woman of color with a proud Mexican/Italian heritage finding home in the City of Los Angeles.  Truly the city of the Angels.  With your donations, I will present the world with the beauty of life in my city, my country, and its people.