by Brad Norris


Kinesios, named after the little-known Greek God of Motion and Conflict, is a colossal 40-foot interactive steel art installation. The structure is formed by two vertical panes that sit parallel to one another, with a giant swinging pendulum suspended in between.

Each of the walls is uniquely perforated, with the holes illuminated from within. One side of the piece displays the rigid order of binary code. The other side pays homage to the free spirit of chaos.

When activated, the piece moves to create a visceral communal experience highlighting the struggles and implications of man vs. machine in modern society.

To bring the piece to life, participants climb into the pendulum. Through synchronized swinging movement, they propel the pendulum higher and higher. Cooperation and group effort is key! The lights inside each pane only illuminate in reaction to the motion of the swing. So the higher the motion, the greater the pulsation, frequency, and synchronization of the lights. Now, imagine seeing this from a distance, against the stark contrast of the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man.

The mission of Kinesios is to mesmerize and mystify. Most of all, it forces those who see it to think about the complex, often-overlooked patterns that we face as humans interacting with technology.


This past January, a select group of Nashville-based artists & friends called the ND Collective won a distinguished grant through Black Rock Honoraria. This has given us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a public art piece for Burning Man 2018.

Brad Norris, a Nashville-based architect, is an 8-time participant at Burning Man. After years of being mesmerized by the art installations on the playa, he decided 2018 was the year he would participate as an artist. He assembled a group including friend and Nashville-based designer Geoffrey Gill, along with his experienced fabrication team, and PR/Marketing expert Jillian Kelleher. Soon, an idea and concept began taking form. The result? Kinesios.

This piece draws inspiration not just from the undeniable sense of community and radical independence which permeates Burning Man, but from general struggles of humanity vs. technology which we all experience every day.

The future of humankind depends upon our willingness to progress technologically, while still finding ways to remain true to the human spirit through community, shared experiences, relationships, and love. 

But where do we find the balance between order and chaos? And where should the lines be drawn? Will we use technology to open the mind's eye, or close it?

An understanding of the true nature of things, an "awakening" — in zen, satori; in buddhism, bodhi — is a realization of singularity, and of the necessity of interconnectedness and balance. At the moment, a profound transformation takes place in one's attitude toward the world; instead of looking upon life as a contest, it becomes a dance. This is the awakening, the satori, the bodhi.

But no matter which name you choose to call it, it's all the same dance!

The space between the walls of Kinesios is the dance floor. It is the space where the order of life melds perfectly with the chaos of nature; the space reserved for humans who want to jump into the dance of life.


Our mission is to create a moving, visceral group experience that is both memorable and inspiring. The idea is for "the many" to become "the one", achieving ever-greater momentum by aligning their rhythmically swaying bodies into a single powerful force – though for those laboring within this man/machine hybrid, there will be little awareness of the beauty and power they are summoning for others to behold.

Yet their shared interactive experience is the essence of Burning Man, tying directly into this year's theme. Today, with the spread of technology distracting us from true human connection and interaction, creating community is more important than ever.


Kinesios will be fabricated and test-assembled in Nashville, Tennessee, before being transported to Burning Man.

Ultimately, ND Collective would like to see Kinesios end up back in our home base of Nashville. This question has not yet been resolved. But we're already engaged in discussions with the Nashville Public Arts Commission. We've also identified potential local donors who have expressed interest in supporting this plan.

One way or another, we will ensure that Kinesios ends up in a permanent location where it continues to be celebrated and cared for. We will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, ND Collective and a large host of passionate volunteers are already planning and reserving their time to help bring this project to life. but we can't do it without additional funds.

We need to raise $130,000 on top of the grant we've already been awarded by Burning Man. And literally, every dollar gets us closer to our goal. There are 80,000 participants at Burning Man every year; if 15% of this community can commit just $10 each, Kinesios becomes a reality. So please, give what you can. Then come by our camp and get a big, heartfelt hug.

Thank you for loving cool things.


Note: We do have a sense of urgency as steel prices continue to escalate we want to purchase materials as soon as possible to maintain our budget.



Brad has been a licensed architect and AIA member since 1995. He began Norris Architecture in 2003. His creative life has consistently been inspired by 7 trips to Burning Man beginning in 2007. Every time Brad has left the desert, he has had the strong desire to create a piece for the annual event. This year he feels he has finally found the team and the energy to make that dream a reality.



Geoffrey is a multifaceted creative talent with a strong passion for imaginative design, fine craftsmanship, and fabrication. Based out of Nashville, TN, he has 5+ years experience as a live production designer, furniture craftsman, and videographer/editor. Geoffrey has worked closely with local architects to design and create unique architectural structures, which ties heavily into his ability to dream-up and create complex, yet sustainable designs.



Fundraising and Promotion

With over 14 years of experience in PR & Marketing, Jillian has earned her title as "connector" and brings the high-energy and passion we need to get people excited about what we're building. Over the years, she's worked with global companies like Universal Music Group, Spotify, Music Bussiness Association, HBO, Slack, Evian, and Rolling Stone. She has extensive experience in the non-profit sector and her ultimate goal is to find Kinesios the perfect home once Burning Man is over. You can connect with her on social media here: @JMKMusic



Dmitiry is an artist and steel fabricator based out of Nashville, TN. He has been honing his craft for 15 years.



Dan is the Principal of EMC Nashville, a full service structural engineering company based out of Nashville, TN. He is responsible for the application of structural engineering fundamentals within the firm. He has the ability to combine theoretical concepts with practical applications to produce efficient and innovative structures