Justice for Janitors

by Andre Miripolsky


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I was recently approached by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is the largest property service workers union in North America, to create a mural for their Los Angeles location. The union represents a wide range of service occupations including doctors, nurses, nursing home personnel, janitors, security officers, paramedics, police, and fire fighters. SEIU has always been at the forefront in supporting all civil rights issues and are still demanding justice and equality for all by providing a voice for the voiceless for 90 years. For two decades, their "Justice for Janitors" social movement has not only helped low wage workers who silently clean buildings in major cities and suburbs achieve social and economic justice, but the movement has also earned broadbased support from the public. 

Based on much of my work illustrating and branding the city of Los Angeles, it was thought that I could bring a vibrantly interesting visual approach to a most compelling and classical American story of success and struggle. Adjacent to the SEIU's downton L.A. headquarters building are two prominently large walls. The union had been visualizing a mural depicting the rich history of  SEIU, including the successful"Justice for Janitors" campaign. Now, I am being offered this fantastic challenge to make that mural a reality. It's with a great sense of humility and honor that I heartily embrace this challenge to support and represent the SEIU story through my art. 

There are so many timeless themes promoted by the union for me to interpret such as themes of injustice, job security, civil rights, economic justice, respect, quality healthcare, and of course, immigration rights, which will weave itself throughout the arc of this very compelling story. 

The mural measures 15' x 195' totalling 3,000 sq. ft. We will need to prepare the stucco walls and also purchase scaffolding. I would also like to enlist the talents of a professional mural team to assist me in the project. There must be at least two coats of paint of every color applied to the walls and at the conclusion a full coating of anti-graffiti covering. Under good conditions, I estimate 10-14 days for the entire project to be completed. 

I thought that this was the prefect project to bring to Hatchfund as this is a great way to involve the community to support such a great cause. I am aksing for help to create a lasting visual legacy reflecting the enormous power of the collective to deliver the American Dream to all workers. 

People to people, heart to heart! Please do what you can to make our American Dream come true.

Thank you for your support!