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This project was successfully funded on November 25, 2017

Joan Walsh Anglund: Life in Stories and Poem

by tim jackson


UPDATE: Our minimum funding goal has been reached. First. I want to thank all 73 contributors. While the initial campaign ends on November 24th there is still time to help with the "stretch" goal. This means while the funds are released to begin utilizing but fundraising continues for another month or so. Your tax-deductible contributions are still needed and valuable.

Needed for what you ask?

I want everyone to know how the funds are to be used. This is a small budget for a short film and I will no doubt have to squeeze and compromise if the actual goal is not reached. When the film is finished, I am happy to provide anyone who requests the final budget.


Some items will necessarily vary. This is a reasonable and low projection of that itemizes the 17,450 stretch goal: $6000.00. for the Producer/Director $5000.00 for the Editor, Cameraman and After Effects. $1800.00 for an Animator. Music will be at least $1000.00. Stock Footage to fill out interviews no less than $500. A PhotoShop Artist to make the images move slightly $400.00. Color Correction $500.00 and correcting the sound and Audio $400.00. Producing the Incentives $800.00 The Website has already cost $500.00! Travel to NY, Connecticut and Nantucket so far is $400.00. And shipping materials will be $150.00.


My film is a tribute to the life of 92-year-old best-selling author/illustrator Joan Walsh Anglund narrated through a series of first-person oral histories accompanied by her art and unpublished poetry. While her books, drawings, poems and other items and have sold millions of copies her own story of tragedy and triumph has not previously been told. A rough cut was completed and screened last summer at the Nantucket Island School of Art & Design. We are currently addressing suggestions, adding music and animation.

My previous documentaries have been about the struggles of contemporary artists. I began focusing on women's stories with an earlier film, When Things Go Wrong.  In volatile times, stories about strong, capable women enrich us all and are emerging throughout the arts. Joan Walsh Anglund: Life in Story and Poem uses storytelling, illustration, animation, poems, music, and rare home movies to create a profile of her life. It is told in short "chapters": her eccentric upbringing, three major childhood tragedies, a 60-year romance with her producer/actor husband, Bob Anglund, and her unexpected success. The world is in turmoil and there is a need for stories of personal triumph and celebration.

 I hope to appeal to a global JWA fanbase that, in its heyday, included Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth. This oral history honors the wisdom of age and will encourage people to tell their own stories. It could spur the publication of the many short poems Joan has written - a fraction of which I was able to include. Finally, in 2018, Houghton-Mifflin will release a special 60th Anniversary Edition of her first book A Friend is Someone Who Likes You. This will coincide with the completing of the film. 

Our Need

When Joan mentioned to me one day that she should "put something down", I scheduled an afternoon of interviews that became the basic structure. I am enhancing the stories with illustrations and unpublished poems stored in the Mugar Arts Library Archives at Boston University.  We have already worked many hours as a labor of love. Award-winning Boston actress, Paula Plum, reads the poetry. To complete the project, I need to raise funds for my editor, composer, animator, photoshop artist and for a producer's honorarium. We are also using stock footage for which there will be a fee.  Lastly, post-production costs will require color correction and sound editing. 

Please consider helping with these last steps. Every contributor receives screen credit in the film and you will help bring this inspirational story to fruition.

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Thank you so much


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