It is She Who I See

by Craig Harris


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"It is She Who I See" is the inaugural production of the new multimedia performance company Interference Arts. In this work we draw the audience into an immersive multimedia environment that celebrates the original woman who is in all of us, and we explore gender imbalance in our society. The show is being produced on November 15-18 in Minneapolis at the Ritz Theater, an historic movie theater that I was involved in renovating into a 240-seat performance venue serving many local artists. "It is She Who I See" is my first full length production produced at this fabulous venue that I helped to create, and this show is an important opportunity for people in this community to experience my vision for fully immersive, multimedia performances.

The show concept is inspired by a dramatic digital illustration created by artist Candy Kuehn that provides the show title, and a poem by poet Rita Dove entitled "The Hill has Something to Say" that characterizes all that has unfolded on "the hill" through time. I bring together a remarkable cohort of collaborating artists - musicians, theater performers, image and projection designers, lighting and costume designers - all working together to create an engaging exploration of the topic. After the formal performance, audiences are invited onto the stage to interact with others in the immersive environment, in whatever “character” the experience encourages. By revealing and bringing awareness to the state of gender imbalance, the audience is encouraged to interfere with what has become the norm in our world.

The composition that begins the show is a setting of Rita Dove's poem, and was originally commissioned for renowned soprano Renee Fleming. The show also includes an electroacoustic work presented at the 1983 International Computer Music Conference, a recently composed Suite for Piano and Cello, and improvised performances by the experimental ensemble Shape. Projection design and movement are carefully integrated to create a deep narrative and rich immersive experience.

"It is She Who I See" is funded in part with a Next Step Fund grant from The McKnight Foundation.  USA Projects funding focuses on increasing resources available to the designers responsible for creating a fully immersive experience. Our recent workshop highlighted that we significantly deepen the impact when we use more projectors and audio speakers, and when we have more time to work as an ensemble to develop a seamless experience. If we raise more than the minimum goal of the initiative, we will integrate live camera work into the production in a way that is currently outside of the available resources.

Thank you for your consideration! I hope you will be able to help us to realize the full vision for this show.