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This project was successfully funded on July 1, 2016

Invention / Translation

by David Carlson


Greetings, my name is David Carlson. For those who don’t know me, I am an artist living and creating work in Arlington, VA.  It is with great pleasure to announce my partnership with the Hatchfund by creating a fundraising campaign to support my upcoming video project  Invention /Translation.


My first encounter into digital video began with a work called Transformer, which was premiered, at the Blaise Senghor Cultural Center during the Dakart Bienale 2000 in Senegal, West Africa.  Since then I have collaborated with artists, dancers, storytellers and composers to create digital videos that explore human and environmental concepts, interactions and connection.  Working with organizations such as Take Me to the River and the Central Asian Cultural Exchange I have participated in International exchanges with artists from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Morocco and West Africa.


In the latest 2015 four channel video installation, Water Unspoken, I used images of water isolated from the natural surroundings to expand the receptivity beyond preconceived notion and thoughts. By placing multiple images of water, I used movement through juxtaposition to demonstrate flow, stillness, tension, complexity and connectedness, allowing the audience to visually and emotionally experience the multiplicity and connectedness of this simple element.


We need your help for this exciting project. Your tax-deductible financial contribution will help us to reach our initial goal of $17010.00. The expanded collaboration Invention /Translation is a culmination of previous work combined with a strong desire to grow the creative dialogue by sharing ideas and challenges with four incredible individuals from diverse cultural perspectives.  The artists from Argentina, Egypt, Finland and the United States will explore images of moonlight reflected on dark water. The aural landscapes will respond and create a bridge between the digital video and audience.


The underlying structure and interaction of this project embraces the act of interpretation and the collective. This direct inquiry into the process of translation joins the five artists allowing the audience to experience the richness of diverse interpretation of a singular object. The ultimate goal is to exhibit the work globally establishing an enlarged channel of connectivity thru the creative dialogue that brings people together.  The top end of the expanded budget comes to $18,010.00.


With your generosity, the money raised will support the video process, gathering and production, pay the artists and create materials for promo (Blu ray videos, travel, per diem and marketing for international outreach and exhibitions.


I want to thank you deeply for allowing me to collaborate with others, share the work, and bring new ideas from a creative source that fosters the connection represented by this project. 

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