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This project was successfully funded on April 24, 2017


by Michael Pointer

"It's as if photography is a healthy, lavish blossom for Michael - which is fed by a vast system of thirsty roots."
Albert Goldbarth, two time winner of the National Critics Circle Book Award for Poetry

I am a fourth generation artist whose work explores the relationship between photography and painting. My previous work has been analog, large scale gelatin silver monotype prints. I used traditional darkroom techniques in a non-traditional way, selectively processing different areas- painting with chemistry. Now I have taken my exploration to the digital realm. I collage, paint and draw digitally in response to each day, the things I've seen and heard. The exhibit I am proposing explores my new use of digital technology.  A gallery approached me with the idea of having an exhibit of my new work which they had seen in my Facebook posts. 

The exhibit is built around my abstract digital art which I have produced for my Instagram page. It is a timely response to our current culture. I create the images on an almost daily basis spending four to eight hours on each. The 25 images will be printed using a new acrylic print technique. Three of the images will be 50 x 40 inches, the rest will be 30 x 30 inches or 30 x 24 inches. These are approximate dimensions. They will be exhibited without frames, floating slightly off the wall.

In the past I have funded my own exhibits. This has resulted in my having to produce fewer images presented as inexpensively as possible. The result has always been less than satisfactory. This exhibit will be a full realization of my vision for the exhibit. I will also publish a catalog to go along with the exhibit. Printing and shipping costs will run $5,000.00. The catalogs will cost $1,500.00 and promoting the exhibit will cost another $500.00. I would like to include more of my work in this show, if possible so I am asking for backing to have an additional 10 pieces produced which would be an additional $1,800.00. This would fill the gallery quite well. If the project exceeds its goal I would apply that money to upgrading my photographic equipment and computer support.