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This project was successfully funded on July 26, 2016

Inside the Mind of daVinci

by Mischell Riley


Inside the Mind of daVinci project is a larger than life collaboration sculpture between Reno artists Mischell Riley aka Phoenix Rising and Colin O'Bryan aka Wrecking House for Burning Man, 2016.

Inside the Minde of daVinci is being built at The Generator in Sparks, Nevada. 

After the theme for Burning Man 2016 was announced Phoenix Rising knew that this was her year to bring her passion of fine sculptured art to Black Rock City.

Here is the $240 cement maquette.

Inside the Mind of daVinci is a larger than life sculpture head of Leonardo daVinci emerging from the desert mostly buried in the earth from our Renaissance past. 

In a dust storm you stumble upon it and are awed by its presence. 

Walking around the large 10' tall x 23' long sculpture you will enter Inside The Mind of daVinci

The back of the head is cut out into two archways allowing entrance into the hollowed out interior of the piece. 

The brain area is open to reveal kinetic sculptures made from light, steel, glass, and wood all passionately inspired by daVinci

The interior will have etched into the surface Leonardo's sketches and writings.

Here is the partial metal armature. 

Illuminated by the sun, you'll experience geometric shapes that cast colors of blue, red and yellow creating a pleasantly unique atmosphere with beautiful colored shadows.

Inside daVinci's mind you'll discover a resting area where cement balls can be sat on or can be pushed and rolled leaving written words in the playa. 

It is a community spot for gathering and sharing artistic and inventive ideas. We want to not only show you what was in the mind of daVinci we ask you to tell us what has inspired you by daVinci. 

Inside the Mind of daVinci consists of concrete, bronze, recycled glass and metal.

Our budget:

Supplies:  $7840

Rental fees: $500.

Perk Costs: $1500

Shipping: $2700

Travel: $800

Contingency: $1100

Logistics: $2000

Total: $16,440.00

Your donations via Hatchfund are tax deductible!  

Note: Hatchfund is a non-profit supporting artists. In order to operate they require an additional 10% on top of your donation amount. So $50 will actually cost you $55. BUT the entire $55 or any amount you donate to this project is entirely tax deductible. 

Thank you for supporting our project and helping us to build our art! 


Mischell Riley: Lead Artist
Mischell has a fine arts degree. A 30 year business owner of Bronze by Mischell. Her apprenticeship was on the MGM bronze lion in Las Vegas. She has nine government grants for life size bronze sculptures and over 500 private commissions. She has a International PBS show. She is a two time Junior Olympics gold medallist and 6 time All American in track and field. She worked numerous art and art car projects.
Colin O'Brian: Lead Builder
Colin is a 36 year crasftman who has turned his building talent towards the arts full-time since 2011. He's has placed numerous large art sculptures in Reno, Fernley, Lake Tahoe. He has brought to playa two large pieces and has collaborated with numerous local artists on playa installations.
As a Team:
Together they are building Inside the Mind Of DaVinci.  Their combination of large art building skills and fine art skills is set to create an interactive fine art sculpture that will have to be seen to be believed.
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