In This World We Must Pray Pt2 (Sandy Relief)

by AL+ Phonz


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Following the recent devastation of many displaced individuals due to the Hurricane Sandy I have been inclined to write a song and do a video about the restoration of the community.  I have written a song entitled In This World We Must Pray that was filmed in Atlanta Georgia in Decemeber 2011 and I would like to now create a music video and song about staying strong, belief in faith and moving forward in reference to Hurricane Sandy. (In This World We Must Pray Part 2)

The majority of the themes in my music are to be strong, have faith, love and life.  I would like to get a budget to record and complete the video with the help of you.  This project will help people to cope and also to have faith that rebuilding is in progress and that we as a unit can strive to excellence.

It may take a little time but it always works out as we can see from history.  I am compelled to start on this project immediately and will use the funds accordingly to document the progress.  The idea is to get footage now, twice a month and then have a completed video to show the progression and restoration.  It will work as a timeline for rebuilding and also show a visual representation of community and perserverance.

I would like to thank you for donating to my project and I also would like to thank you for your assistance in my artistic endeavors.

All the best.