• Posted September 20, 2015
    Hello friends!!
    This week this fundraiser past a milestone!! We achieved our stretch goal, and as of today have raised $10,003 towards the funding of this project. The fundraiser still has about 10 days left, and Lucy, Kim and I have decided to continue with the campaign until October 1 as any extra money we earn will allow us to do things we haven't yet budgeted, like frame a copy for the Indian Studies Center at UND, hire a graduate assistant for printing, etc. Thank you all for your very generous and kind support. I will be out in Grand Forks the week of October 12 to carve and print with Kim and Lucy, and should be able to send you images of the finished project by the end of October.
  • Posted September 09, 2015
    With glorious support from so many friends and art lovers, this project reached its minimum goal this morning with a very generous donation. Kim, Lucy and I are so grateful for the support, and look forward to making the work. We are not stopping the fundraiser until we reach our full goal, but are breathing easier now that we have reached the minimum goal.
    Last week the Grand Forks Herald ran an article on the project. Please follow the link for some fun pictures and information: http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/3832781-und-art-project-focuses-lives-american-indians

To produce 2 woodblock prints, 54” x 35” (ed. of 20) of L. Jeanotte, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, designed in an interview 6/30/15.