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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2014

In Bloom

by Carolyn Schlam


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I am currently at work on a collection entitled "In Bloom" which explores the many aspects of the feminine. It will feature oils, drawings and some ceramic and glass sculpture that celebrates the strength, beauty, softness, delicacy and innocence of girls and women of all ages, with a particular emphasis on young women who are reaching their most exquisite “blooming.” All or most of the works will include images of flowers or floral motifs.

About half the pieces for this proposed exhibition are now complete; these include many oil paintings, drawings, glass flower plates and even a female torso carved out of a rotted tree. I am seeking a Women's Museum or Garden to host this exhibition when it is complete. All works will be complete and ready for exhibition in 2015/2016.

I have not been able to tackle as yet some of the larger works that I plan to include, especially some of the signature works such as a life size painting of a standing figure that will be 7' tall and open the exhibit. Funds collected here will be utilized to complete these works and include fees for models, large canvases and the paint to cover them.

I am asking supporters to donate what they can to make the creation of these larger works possible. The minimum amount will cover the basics-- large canvases, paint, and fees for models. Should the response be substantial and I exceed my minimum goal, the extra funds would go toward the purchase of some stunning art glass for the flower plates, and some preparation for exhibition of the completed works, like a metal stand for my wood torso. If there's anything left over, it will cover print and promotional materials.

I thank you sincerely for taking an interest in my work and helping to make what I hope will be a stunning exhibition possible. May all the flowers in your life bloom magnificently!

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