Improvised Alchemy Presents Innovative Transmedia Performances To The World

by Improvised Alchemy



We are Improvised Alchemy; an international collective of artists, scholars, programmers, and performers working together to create dynamic productions on a global scale. From site-specific transmedia performance installations to documentaries and interactive media archives, Improvised Alchemy engages diverse artistic and performance practices-- combining the skills of many to bring visionary productions to life.


Improvised Alchemy is a new kind of production collective founded at the cultural crossroads of Los Angeles. Although many of us have been working together for over a decade, we launched our collective in late 2016 with a new vision to work across borders, genres and disciplines through improvisational and collaborative transmedia and performance art. Since then, we reached many enthusiastic audiences around Southern California and Europe.

Renée T. Coulombe: composer-performer, media artist and scholar, producer and publisher.  

Ilknur Demirkoparan: visual artist, media artist. 

Walter Gershon: performer-improviser and scholar.

Vuslat Demirkoparan Katsanis:  artist and scholar. 

Suse Ribeiro: musician, sound engineer and scholar. 

Codrut Stancu: computer programmer. 

Peter Terner:  sound recordist and sound designer.



Improvised Alchemy is an international collective at the intersection of the visual and performing arts, traditional and emergent media, and academic scholarship.  With a majority of female and non-Western artists and scholars, we hail from (the margins of) Turkey, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, and the United States. Accordingly, we tackle issues that matter to each of us personally and politically, ranging from exploited labor and workers’ rights, gendered exclusion, and militarized surveillance society. We have advanced degrees in disciplines from music composition to computer science, visual arts, and sound design to education, social justice, literature and film studies. We present everywhere from art galleries and concert halls to schools, acoustic research centers, cyber social spaces, and even derelict buildings. We believe in collaboration at all levels of the creative process, bringing intrigue, humor, and curiosity in unexpected spaces, and in the power of collective improvisation to transform our world.  

From initiating the Grand Turk, an interactive holographic entity, at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, to a world premiere of the immersive and hauntingly beautiful contemporary transmedia composition, Sympathetic Resonance,  at the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we’ve had numerous exciting opportunities to realize our vision. As Improvised Alchemy, we’ve made our U.S. debut with two nights of performance at the world-renowned Highways Performance Space and Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), and received invitation to participate in the 40th Anniversary FAR Bazaar (Cerritos, CA)

We did all of this in the span of one short but packed Autumn tour, and thanks to the strong reception of our work, we are thrilled to keep the momentum going!

But we need your help to boost the signal, to bring together diverse communities across the globe through transformative and socially-committed transmedia work.


In 2016 we demonstrated that our performances and installations had the power to connect communities across a range of borders: this work has become even MORE urgent in 2017. 

We are seeking funding in this campaign to take advantage of an offer to record a substantial original new work during a residency at the Visconti Studio at Kingston University London.  This exciting new teaching and recording studio boasts some of the very best and rarest vintage and analogue recording equipment and facilities, and presents an incredible opportunity for media artists to experiment and create works in a modern studio with the very best in analogue technology.  The importance of this new studio in the London arts scene cannot be understated, and our invitation for a residency in which we both create new work and share our process with a new generation of students and artists is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Because the Visconti Studio at Kingston University London does not have the fund to support such residencies, only your contributions can make it possible.

After recording the new work at the Visconti Studio at Kingston University London, we seek a modest sum of additional funds to help with publication and publicity costs associated with the residency.

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