Images of Home

by ekaterina popova


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I am interested in exploring the idea of home and belonging through painting. In this project, Images of Home, I hope to create a series of stirring large scale oil paintings, depicting dream-like interiors. With your support I will be able to increase the scale in which I work, and as a result expand my studio practice. Ultimately, I hope to transport the viewer to the world of my memories in a more powerful way, which was not possible before. 

For the past two years I have created works about places that have affected me. My interest in this topic comes from my experience as an immigrant. I moved to the U.S from Russia in 2001, at age 12. By creating works dealing with separation from my native home as well as the visuals of my new home, I fuze together confusing pieces of my life. 

In this project I hope to translate my experiences, memories, and recurring dreams of my childhood home to larger scale paintings, to bring the series to conclusion. By using familiar images of places which have in some way touched my life, expressive elements, and the use of unusual and dream like color, I hope to create large paintings of these constructed spaces. I intend to transport the viewer to a place that reminds him or her of their idea of home. 

To complete this project I will need financial help in acquiring materials including large canvases ranging from 30x40 to 36x48 (and larger), quality oil paint and mediums, as well as brushes and good studio lighting. I will create these paintings using old and new photographs, sketches and memories as references. It is my hope to complete 10-12 large-scale works by March 2013. 

With your assistance I hope to raise $2,500 to ensure the quality and availability of supplies to make this project become a reality. The resources would allow me to work in large-scale as well as enable me to create work that was previously impossible. I will be able to execute this project and expand my studio practice in the process. Exceeding my goal would allow me to travel back to the places which occur in my work, and view them with a fresh perspective and gain ideas for future work. 

Thank you very much to everyone for your support. I appreciate you helping me grow as an artist and make my memories come back to life through these paintings of interiors.