• Posted June 17, 2016
    Hello again!
    We reached our goal yesterday just a few hours before the first tour started. It was a great night -- all tours were sold to capacity.
    I just want o thank you all again. I am so grateful for your support. If you have not received a personal e-mail from me -- you will very soon. It has been an extremely busy week.
    Also - the tour video is complete! You can watch it on this page (it looks the same but actually has the second half). Sharon Hayes made the video.
    You can also see it at this link.

    I hope to see you at La Mama - this discount code of CAST5 is set to expire this sunday.
    There are only a handful of tickets available tonight.
    yours, Brooke

  • Posted June 15, 2016
    Hi again!
    I forgot to post the link to the HuffPo interview. Here it is! Please share on Facebook etc.
    yours, Brooke
  • Posted June 15, 2016
    Hello friends.
    I'm just sharing an interview that came out in the Huffington Post yesterday. The interviewer asked great questions and, thus, allowed me to really talk about what is important about this project.
    We've all been in the theater all day everyday and open tomorrow!
    There are still tickets available for most tours but very few for the first two nights.
    Because we have a matching donor, we only have to raise about $1300 more in donations to reach our goal. Nearly there.
    I hope to see you at the show.
    yours, Brooke
    please post the event on your Facebook page.

  • Posted June 09, 2016
    Hello hello!!!
    We've raised over $5000. And now an amazing donor has stepped in and offered to match every donation 1 to 1 until we are over the goal of $9000. We will send that video out to you all soon -- we all have become completing absorbed by rehearsals -- or "tour practice." La Mama has given the artists a discount code to share with our friends and families. If you buy tickets (to any tour any time any date) by this friday you can get them for $18 if you use the code LIVE18. You're all our friends and family -- so spread the word and spread the code.
    Thank you again for your incredible support.
    Spread the word. Enjoy your day. xx, Brooke
  • Posted May 27, 2016
    I just want to thank you all as a group for your amazing support. Things really amped up with the matching donor! Yahoo. We were able to meet that matching goal in 15 hours.
    Another matching donor is willing to match us up through the $9000, once we hit $5000. So spread the word.
    We are in intense rehearsals this week. Tickets are selling well. So I recommend getting your tickets well in advance. But there are some $10 left -- but only for a few tours. If you want to know which tours have them then just send me an e-mail and I'll give you the dates -- (otherwise you'll be doing a lot of rifling around on ovations). ALSO!! We are just now finishing the video (the second half of the tour story) and we will send it along to all donors.
    I'm softening up for those hugs I owe you.
    xoxoxo, Brooke

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