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This project was successfully funded on February 11, 2015

Historical Western Art of the Old West

by James Loveless


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I have begun a series of historical, representational paintings of the old west.  I would like to broaden the scope of history by painting images of a diverse population that contributed to the greatness of America.   I want to make sure all costumes, models and locations are totally authentic to create a visual experience that is visually appealing and based upon real events in American history. I am passionate about painting the old west in a way that educates generations about the contribution of minority people in the development of the American west.  I have been to many western art and civil war museums that show many breathtaking paintings of celebrated artists.  I want to show a different perspective to reveal events that took place with an emphasis on authenticity, beauty and accuracy.  I cannot do this by myself.  I do not have the financial or historical resources to realize such a lofty goal.  I need your help.

Project Description

The outcome of this project is to create three large-format paintings that show real environments in the west that have historical clothing and depict real ancestors.  I will start by doing several preliminary drawings and outdoor paintings on location that portray the colors of the landscape and reflect the mood of the event.  Then, I will set up photo shoots that provide photographic reference for my paintings. The Texas Civil War Museum has been very helpful in providing access to their artifacts and historical staff. After these paintings are completed, I will submit them to be viewed in western art museums, art festivals and shows. 

The use of Funds

The money will be used to: purchase artist materials, travel to several western historical locations, design and purchase costumes, pay authentic models, hire hair stylist, hire make-up artist, pay for meals of artistic team, hire a film director to plan, arrange and coordinate photo shoots, cover hotel stay of artistic team, If this project is overfunded, I will use the remainder of funds to paint more scenes of the old west. The utmost care will be used to spend funds according to the "project description" and "use of funds" portions of this project.

We Are All Americans

I am excited to "paint a larger circle" of all the people that were involved in the development of the United States of America.  I want to express something greater than aesthetic beauty alone and reflect the aspirations of all Americans that have contributed to make this country one of the greatest ever.  There were many women owned businesses in the history of the west.  25% of all cowboys were African American.  33% of all cowboys were of Mexican descent with incredible riding skills. Women, Native Americans, African Americans and Mexican Americans collaborated to settle many western areas of the United States.  These people have stories to tell.  Many of these stories have been documented in books discovered in my research. Help me!  Please allow me to reveal these gems of history that have been forgotten or disguised by the fables of Hollywood.


Thanks to all who have found this project worthy of your consideration.  I appreciate whatever monetary commitment you have made, whether it is large or small. Your contribution will help to enlighten, inspire and educate many others.  I do not take for granted the task before me to do the right thing financially and morally. Thanks again for your support!

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    • November 23, 2014 Mary Sweeney Community Member

      James is truly a talented artist. He reaches out to the community and I have seen his love for Art and community. I wish him the best and pray many more come to support him as he pursues a dream. Thank you for all you do for church and community! May God richly bless this endeavor as you follow your dream!

    • November 19, 2014 James Loveless Artist

      My sincere thanks to Bryan and Petra Weiss who contributed $500 to "Historical Western Art of the Old West". I am humbled by your financial support and belief in this ambitious project. Estoy agradecido!

    • November 19, 2014 James Loveless Artist

      Great people make great things happen! Many thanks to Ron and Lila Parker who contributed $50 to "Historical Art of the Old West". Much love to you both!