• Posted July 23, 2013
    Finally updated the blog with a post-performance/showing post: http://ruthbarnes2013.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/afterthoughts.html

    Also, will be sending postcards and other "thank you" items in the next couple of weeks. The video has to be compressed so that it will fit on a DVD - or, I can post it on vimeo or my youtube channel and send out that link. The program from the evening at Dance Base is posted here.
    Thank you all once again for your support. As soon as I find venues for future performances, I will let everyone know!
    With gratitude,
  • Posted July 10, 2013
    The first performance of "Here, There and Everywhere" is tomorrow evening, with final rehearsals of this extended solo today and tomorrow afternoon. The arrangement of the various parts is set...for the moment. I wonder about other configurations: what they might communicate, how the tone from one to the other in different juxtapositions affects the overall result.
    We were hoping to be able to do a live-stream video of the performance, but were told yesterday that won't be possible because the broadband in the area is not fast enough. Instead, a video will be posted online and DVDs will be burned.
    For updated blog posts: ruthbarnes2013.blogpost.com - there are new photos from last weekend, and a new one will go up after tomorrow's performance.
  • Posted July 03, 2013
    In the middle of week five of "Here, There and Everywhere" - and all of the others have completed their choreography. Now, we are deciding on an order, and I have two brief response pieces to create. Here is the latest blog post about this incredibly satisfying project: http://ruthbarnes2013.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/week-5-with-ian-spink.html
  • Posted July 01, 2013
    We start the last week at The Shed today, with Ian Spink, Bill Thompson an me working on the fifth solo. Ian and I have known each other since the late 1970s. He made two solos for me recently, the first in 2006 (the photo on these pages is of that piece, "ZARaBandA") and the other in 2007 (one part of "26 Solos", a video/dance project that is still in progress. I'm looking forward to the work with him this week! Then, back to Edinburgh, with a few days in the studio more-or-less alone before the first performance on July 11th!
    The latest blog post is here: http://ruthbarnes2013.blogspot.co.uk/
  • Posted June 25, 2013
    Latest blog update! Two days of improvisation with Christine Devaney and Luke Sutherland. Building on instinct, response and memory:
  • Posted June 22, 2013
    Taking advantage of the unpredictable, now working, wi-fi connection and today's rain to update the blog. So, here is the last post.
    Will add as I can, next week.
  • Posted June 22, 2013
    The blog continues! We have been up in the Highlands for a week. Wi-fi is spotty, so I am posting the latest information in a couple of posts. Here is the first one, about the weekend before we left Edinburgh:
  • Posted June 13, 2013
    Here is the link to the latest blog post: http://ruthbarnes2013.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/second-solo-donealmost.html

    Showing of the first two weeks' work tomorrow! Looking forward to feedback and conversation.
  • Posted June 10, 2013
    All work and no play?
    Decidedly not! Edinburgh is so beautiful, the weather has been gorgeous, the sun rises very early and sets around 11:00 pm... What could be better than a walk in town with Dmytro Morykit, who wrote and performed the music for "Homing/In" in 2008. We spent a good amount of time spent in Princes Street Gardens, sharing terrific conversation.

    This was Saturday. On Sunday, I visited the Edinburgh College of Art degree show - with Susie Dinan and Archie Young in the morning, and continued after lunch by myself. Very impressive, as photos of the Performance Design course show.

    For more, go to the "Here, There and Everywhere" blog:

    More tomorrow...

  • Posted June 08, 2013
    One down, four solos - plus five responses - to go!!

    My intention with this blog was to post either daily or at least twice a week... That hasn't happened. So much happening, both in the studio and after we finish. So, here goes, in an effort to include everything that has happened so far around Here, There and Everywhere.

    Making the dance
    Had a fantastic week working with Steinvor, Steve and Bill. It was a marvelous, collaborative time. Steinvor made some movement, gave me some instructions/requests, and Sheila MacDougall and Morag gave feedback from that sparked a few changes and a lot of clarification. The whole week was extremely satisfying. This first solo is eight minutes long, includes Steinvor's text and the toy globe, and some haunting and quirky music from Steve. Bill videotaped a lot of what we did. Will include some of that footage in a later post.

    My response to this first solo will probably come out of a few elements: the synonyms for displacement and dislocation left over from Steinvor's list, a recording of her telling the story in (Icelandic) of how her great-grandmother gave her grandmother a name from outside the family tracition, and having Bill record the squeak of the glove as it spins (plastic against plastic). Not sure yet how all of this will become a dance "postcard" (or, maybe, "text message" or "tweet"), but ideas are percolating.

    Steinvor and I had a conversations about the reasons we live where we do. She was born and raised in Edinburgh. Her parents were born and raised in Iceland, and they all spoke Icelandic at home - so, she is bilingual (as is her daughter). Steinvor and I met in London, in the early 1980s. From there, she moved to Liverpool, where she worked with Spiral Dance Company, before returning to London for several years - and then, she came back to Scotland where she completed a doctorate in Icelandic Literature at the University of Edinburgh. At the same time, she began teaching - both ballet and contemporary dance. So, Steinvor's response to "why here?" is that it was a personal decision, and that the reason for staying in Edinburgh now is because of the feeling that this truly is home - both the city and Dance Base. The atmosphere at Dance Base is remarkable: so warm, welcoming and supportive, thanks to Morag and the entire staff. Studio Studio 4 is lovely - light enters the space on all four sides.

    The weather has been absolutely glorious: most mornings are a bit overcast, windy and chilly; by mid-day the sun is out and the temperature warms up; by the end of the day, it is really warm - and the Grassmarket's restaurants and pubs have outside seating... who could resist? On Thursday, Sheila Steve and I went out for refreshments when we had finished working.
  • Posted June 03, 2013
    First day of rehearsing/research for "Here, There and Everywhere" - a productive day with Steinvor, Steve and Bill. Here is the blog link: First day of "Here, There and Everywhere," working with Steinvor. Here's the link: http://ruthbarnes2013.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/and-so-we-begin.html
    What a wonderful journey we are on!
  • Posted May 30, 2013
    E-mails flying back and forth across the Pond, along with Skype conversations, have been the mode so far for Here, There and Everywhere.
    This Monday, the project moves into Dance Base's beautiful studio 4 and we begin building the solo.
    We start week 1 with Steinvor Palsson's choreography and Steve Kettley's music. For week 2, Matthew Hawkins joins me for his contribution to the dance. We then have three weeks at the Shed, Plan B Creative's black box studio in the Highlands: first, with Frank McConnell; then Chris Devaney (choreographer) and Luke Sutherland (composer); and, last, Ian Spink - each choreographer making a short solo for me. Bill Thompson will be there the entire time, creating his own sound score, recording Steve's and Luke's music and any interviews/talking we might want to include, and putting the whole music/sound together. And Pearl is devising a costume that sounds like it, too, reflects "here, there and everywhere": a basic, simple outfit with accessories that can be added or removed...
    More to come, throughout the month of June and into July. I am so excited to be doing this project.

    Thank you for your support! You will find the project blog at http://ruthbarnes2013.blogspot.com/

    With love and gratitude,
  • Posted April 21, 2013
    Thank you once again for donating to this project! On April 19th, we reached our goal! The outpouring of support has been uplifting, inspiring, heartwarming...

    Rehearsals being in Edinburgh on June 3rd, and continue until July 5th - one week working with each choreographer living in Scotland, with time for me to make a response "postcard" for each dance/place/person. I will then have a week to assemble all of the movement material, and Bill Thompson will compile all of the music, sound, and conversations. Pearl will have created a costume - either as we go along (contributing to the process), or at the end, when the solo is completed. The first performance will be at Dance Base, Edinburgh, July 11th. Looking for venues in Springfield, New York and elsewhere (more "Here, There and Everywhere"!).

    The six weeks from now until the beginning of June will be quiet, except for communications between the other contributors to the project and me, via e-mail and Skype. As soon as rehearsals begin, I will switch to a blog. So, stay tuned! Also, for those who have provided street addresses, postcards (paper, real, from Scotland) and any other perk will be coming your way in June - and, we will acknowledge your donation in the program. If you have not requested any perks, please update that, and send me an e-mail with your street address: postcards are a reflection of the theme of "Here, There and Everywhere" (hence the image here, re-posted from February), and bring us closer to other places.

    I look forward to your comments and questions!

    With gratitude and affection,

  • Posted April 18, 2013
    This is wonderful! We are almost there! Two more days to go. I am so grateful for your support, and, after Friday, will switch to a blog. The next month will be quiet - rehearsals begin June 3rd, in Dance Base's beautiful Studio 4. Looking forward to working there with Steinvor and Steve the first week, and then with Matthew. Bill will be there the whole time.
  • Posted April 13, 2013
    Meet Ian Spink

    Australian born, Ian was a founder member and artistic director of the London based experimental multi-disciplinary performance company Second Stride (1982-96). During this time he created and directed the high-level theatre workshops fast+dirty which have continued to this day.

    Ian has also directed and choreographed with other companies including: Scottish Ballet, Scottish Opera, Royal Shakespeare Company, Rambert Dance Company, Royal National Theatre and Joint Stock Theatre. Ian was recently Artistic director of citymoves dance agency and the Dance Live festival (Aberdeen 2005-10) and now works with Airfield as an independent choreographer, performer and director based in Glasgow.

    Ian and Bill Thompson (see earlier post) recently formed Airfield, a contemporary performance company. Their website is http://airfieldarts.org.uk/about.html
  • Posted April 13, 2013
    Today we reached 77%! With a week to go, a backer has promised to match all donations from now until the goal is met - that leaves only $650 to raise by April 18th!

    Rehearsal schedules have been set, everyone involved is excited about the project, and where the notion of displacement or dislocation might take us. "Here, There and Everywhere" is a journey of mind and body, bringing a scattered international community together conceptually and physically. I contemplate myself in the role of a homebody abroad, in open rural spaces and enclosed buildings in town, experiencing the different processes of my collaborators, my responses to their input, and wonder what the shape and cadence will be.

    Stay tuned...
  • Posted April 06, 2013

    Steve Kettley is a saxophonist/composer based in Edinburgh. Steve will be working with Steinvor Palsson. His website has lots of information and videos of his work. Go to http://stevekettley.com/

    Luke Sutherland, a performer/composer/writer, has worked with a number of groups and individual artists in the UK, including Christine Devaney. Luke and Chris will work together for "Here, There and Everywhere." Learn more about Luke through Curious Seed's website:

    Bill Thompson is a sound and video artist living in the UK. Bill will be working with Ian Spink, and overseeing sound production for the entire solo. Visit Bill's website for more information:
  • Posted April 04, 2013
    Almost there... We have past the 75% mark! Just under $1,500 and a little more than two weeks to go! Keep spreading the word - every dollar counts.
    Thank you for your support.
  • Posted March 29, 2013
    The outpouring of generous donations from friends, family, students and colleagues (some of you definitely belong in more than one category) for "Here, There and Everywhere" is overwhelming!
    Also, Creative Scotland awarded additional funding to Plan B Creative for the "Here, There and Everywhere" residency at The Shed, in June. So, as you have seen on the website, our goal for the USA Projects fundraiser is now $6,000. As of this coming Monday, we should be at 75% of that goal!
    Also, the deadline has been extended to April 19th, and a 1-to-1 match is currently available. Please continue to spread the word that online donations and checks of any amount are welcome.
    So grateful!
  • Posted March 23, 2013
    We are doing well, with more generous donors contributing in the past few days. Thank you for your continuing support!
    You will notice that there is now a match, dollar for dollar, thanks to the Artists2Artist fund - so, please share the link and spread the word about Here, There and Everywhere!
    "Here, There and Everywhere" will have its first performance at Dance Base, Edinburgh, in July (information is in an early update, and on the Dance Base website).
  • Posted March 20, 2013
    Here is Steinvor Palsson, in "Fruitful Ties" - a duet she and Matthew Hawkins co-choreographed and performed in 2012 (photo: Albie Clark). You can read her biography in an earlier posting, below (find the photo of the Edinburgh castle, as see through the skylight in Dance Base's studio 2 - where Steinvor often teaches!).
  • Posted March 19, 2013
    Several more donors in the past three days - thank you for your support!

    As for news of the project itself:
    A showing of the first two weeks' process will happen at Dance Base (Edinburgh) on 14th June. Information about that is on page 10 of the new brochure: http://dancebase.co.uk/professional/current-pro-brochure.
    Also, a performance has been scheduled at Dance Base. This will be a late evening event, Thursday 11th July at 9:00-10:30pm. The bar will open at 8:00pm. We’re doing it quite late so that it’s dark enough for the lights to have an effect.

    Thanks again - stay tuned for more updates...
  • Posted March 12, 2013
    Thank you all for your support! We are having conversations with composers in the UK, who are also excited about the project and on board. So, every donation is a big help.
    Please spread the word, through e-mail social media and/or twitter. You can also follow me now on twitter: @barnesdance
  • Posted March 10, 2013
    Author: Christine Devaney in PUSH
    Meet another collaborator in Scotland, Christine Devaney (photo: Maria Falconer):

    Glasgow born Christine trained at London Contemporary Dance School and has been performing, choreographing and teaching throughout her extensive career in Dance and Theatre. She was a founding member of Dundee Rep Dance Company (currently Scottish Dance Theatre) and for nine years performed with, and was associate director of, V-tol Dance Company.

    She is the Artistic Director of Edinburgh based company Curious Seed, who won a prestigious Scotsman Fringe First Award (2009) for their production "Found."

    Curious Seed has also produced "Almost But Not Quite...," "Code Butterfly," "The Woman Who Wants To Be Funny" and "PUSH," and is currently developing "Chalk About" for age 8+, which will premiere at the Imaginate international childrens’ festival May 2013.

    Christine is currently an Associate Artist with Imaginate.

  • Posted March 01, 2013
    Thank you, anonymous donor, for your generosity! We are very grateful for everyone's support, and looking forward to giving you updates as we get closer to beginning the work on the piece. Slow and steady...!
    To begin introducing the collaborators, here is Steinvor Palsson's bio:
    Of Icelandic descent, Steinvor Palsson was born and raised in Edinburgh. She trained at The Manor School of Ballet and The Place Evening School and has over 30 years’experience as a dance practitioner. Performance work includes The Spiral Dance Company, Tango Tiempo, Jacky Lansley's Giselle Enterprises Movement Theatre, The Royal Opera and Scottish Opera. Last year she performed and co-choreographed with Matthew Hawkins "Fruitful Ties" for the Dance Base Fringe Festival Programme. Her choreographic work includes pieces for Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet’s Education Unit, The Scottish International Storytelling Festival, The Ensemble Group and Off Kilter. Steinvor has taught contemporary dance extensively in the UK. She currently teaches at Dance Base and Dance For All and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
    More news soon!
  • Posted February 17, 2013
    We've changed the perks a bit (tell your friends to check them out! and remind everyone that donations are tax-deductible). Also, you'll find a few videos in the showcases: two short solos and another solo that's part of a much longer work with video.
  • Posted February 12, 2013
    Plans are moving forward, with e-mail conversations about publicity, composers and costumer.
    We've changed the perks slightly - two new levels, with a very nice package for the $500 donor level.
    Thank you for spreading the word about the "Here, There and Everywhere" USA Projects website!
  • Posted February 08, 2013
    We are up and running! I am so excited about this project, and want to thank our first four supporters for your contributions. Please spread the word about "Here, There and Everywhere".
    My first stop on this choreographic journey next June will be Edinburgh. Here is a photo of the east end of Princes Street, with rainbow.
    More soon...

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