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This project was successfully funded on May 31, 2018


by Kris Wheeler


IN THREE YEARS OF REHEARSAL a studio was built // two babies were born // the high Sierra's were traversed // Calie continued to find the concept of time completely bewildering. 

NOW the performance of HERE // HEAR ...  We are asking YOU to support this stage of the work.


HERE // HEAR, a dance performanceJune 22-24, 2018Burien Actors Theater,

Choreography: Kris WheelerMusical direction: Ivory SmithDancers: Noelle Chun, Katherine Cook, Mary Margaret Moore, Calie Swedberg, Kris Wheeler and more...

HERE // HEAR is a dance performance by five dancers and a movement chorus with live singing. Designed to be an immersive experience into sounds that become music and movement impulses that become dance, HERE // HEAR is immediate and spontaneous. Dancers and singers bring awareness and embodied presence to the making of each unique performance.  HERE // HEAR aims to activate the audience's own states of listening and seeing.  HERE // HEAR celebrates moving bodies and moving voices, stillness, silence, sound and attentive response to change.

The practices the dancers draw on for their performance are oriented around sensory perception and how imagination intersects with seeing, listening and embodied experience.  We begin with what is already there.  The piece also investigates a play between autonomy and connection (experience of solo and ensemble) and facing toward what is not known.
We have taken three years to develop the qualities of listening and seeing this dance celebrates.  The ensemble, both dancers & singers, turn their attention toward what can be discovered in every moment.  This dance lives in imaginative association.


4Culture Project Grant

Burien Actors Theater

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your financial support!

The artists:

DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER, KRIS WHEELER enjoyed an international career as a performer and teacher of dance for 20 years during the ‘70s and ‘80s, working closely with dance legends Joan Skinner, Deborah Hay and others specializing in the improvisational and compositional creative processes of dance-making. She took a sabbatical from art-making to pursue graduate studies in psychology, becoming a depth-oriented psychotherapist—another approach to the study of creative process. In 2005, Wheeler returned to the studio to collaborate with performance artist, Vanessa DeWolf in what became 10 years of research investigating the use of reflective feedback in the cultivation of performance and presence. Wheeler is now harvesting elements from 40+ years of experiences to launch a professional performance ensemble whose work is based on performance of creative process itself. HERE // HEAR is the first project of this vision.

MUSICAL DIRECTOR, Ivory Smith is a Seat­tle-based com­poser, sound designer, pro­ducer and teacher. She has acted as band leader, musi­cal direc­tor, or co-director for sev­eral acclaimed projects — includ­ing Foot in Mouth, Lingo Productions, and Ivory in Ice World. Her work has been show­cased at Bumbershoot, PICA's TBA Festival, On the Boards and A Contemporary Theatre, among many other regional venues. She grew up study­ing piano, attended Cornish College of the Arts where she stud­ied voice and com­po­si­tion, and sub­se­quently grad­u­ated from Evergreen State College with a BA in Audio Engi­neer­ing and Non-Profit Busi­ness Man­age­ment. The breadth of her pro­fes­sional work is far reach­ing — from opera and jazz to build­ing and pro­gram­ming her own elec­tronic instru­ments.


photo credit: Tim Summers

Noelle Chun approaches improvisation as a praxis of somatic inquiry, compositional play, and sharing vulnerability. She was the founder and member of Like You Mean It, an improvisational trio with notable residencies and performances including Colby College (ME), Green Street Studios (MA), Ohio University (OH), and Southern Theater (MN). Her choreographic work has been presented at parks, gallery/studio spaces, and traditional theater venues. Her latest work, Ma, deeply rooted in her practices with improvisation as both performer and choreographer, will premiere at Yaw Theater April 27 & 28th.

Katherine Cook is a dancer, teacher, and mathematician living and working in Seattle WA. She runs the Seattle Underscore and is a member of the Seattle CI Lab, an ongoing group experimenting with Contact Improvisation. Katherine has taught at the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, the Breitenbush Contact Improv Jam, Dance Camp Northwest, the Orcas Island Contact Improv Jam, the Centrum Jam, and in Seattle and Spokane. She has performed in a number of venues and festivals, including WCCIJam, Moab Arts and Recreation Center, Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, and Earthdance Creative Residency, with artists such as Karen Nelson, Stu Phillips, Brad Stoller, Nancy Stark Smith, and others.

Mary Margaret Moore is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, clown and former competitive athlete. She studied physical theater in Paris at L’ecole Jacques Lecoq and in Scotland with post-modern dance artist Deborah Hay. Moore collaborates with artists in film, theater, sound and the plastic arts and teaches Dance for Parkinson’s. Her collaboration with Isabelle Kessler produced String, a charming solo show of dance and object theater for very young audiences, which she has performed to over 100 audiences of 2-6 year-olds. She is now blessed to be raising one herself. 

Calie Swedberg landed in Seattle by way of Minneapolis in 2006. Since then she has performed in Idaho, New York, Toronto, Krems (Austria), and Belgrade (Serbia); and has worked locally with Wade Madsen, Anna Conner, Markeith Wiley, Saint Genet (Derek Ryan Claude Mitchell), and many others. In her own generative process she plays with extended duration and the manifestation of love and gentleness. 

photo credit: hendri walujo

DRAMATURG/PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, Vanessa DeWolf is a post-disciplinary artist. Her most recent poetry & dramturgical work was with acupuncturist-choreographer Paige Barnes, “PALMS” (2016) and “Pulse Performance Project” (2017). Vanessa is best known as an advocate for locally grown performative works in Seattle and as the founder and former director of Studio Current. Vanessa's twofold emphasis is supporting creative process and making improvisation; she's been an advocate for artists in Seattle since 1995. Jose Amador of the Seattle Star described her works as “engineered chaos.” Over the last decade her work has become increasingly unrehearsed, volatile and gentle with large ensembles of people. She is dedicated to artists in their creative process and, as a dramaturg, she thrives in the rehearsal room with choreographers, talking and encouraging experimentation and risk, even when it feels a tad scary. 

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