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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2018

Hebrew Translation of A Future More Vivid to be published by Carmel Publishers,

by Betsy Rosenberg


I am a musician, writer, poet, and translator of poetry, fiction and academic works from Hebrew into English. My notes, poetry, scribbles and writings, draft translations and translations in progress have been archived by the Lily Library at Indiana University in Bloomington. I have given talks on translation and poetry readings at Brandeis University, Indiana University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Wesleyan University, Siegal College in Cleveland, UC Berkley, Pacific Union College, and UC Davis. My poems draw on my youth in Indiana and in Jerusalem where I have lived since 1967, on my love of music and experience as a flutist and singer, and my fascination with language, including Sanskrit and Classical Greek.  In November 2014, Sheep Meadow Press published A Future More Vivid, a volume of my selected poems.  Carmel Publishing House (Magnes Press, The Hebrew University) has now accepted the MS for publication as a dual language book with the poems in Hebrew translation facing the English originals. I need your help to make this possible.

How did this project come about? A great Israeli poet named Shlomo Laufer came upon a copy of A Future More Vivid and decided to translate all 130 of the poems into Hebrew. Polishing the translations took several more years, in partnership with Shlomo and several other poets and writers. My poems are sometimes esoteric but they seem more accessible in the Hebrew where I had to make concessions for the sake of intelligibility. And although the poems have a wide frame of reference, I hadn't realized how Jerusalem-centered they are and how vividly they evoke the physical and spiritual atmosphere of the city I have lived in for over fifty years.

Language plays a crucial role in this evocation, and for this reason, too it is fascinating to read the original English and the Hebrew translation side by side. Such a dual language edition is likely to be a valuable resource for those interested in translation, Hebrew poetry, and cross-cultural poetry.

The book is now in preparation with Carmel Publishing House, working title ??? ???. Hebrew prose is generally written without vowel signs and relies on context for intelligibility, but printed Hebrew poetry requires a specialist to provide the correct vocalization.  This is one reason for the delay in the estimated publishing date, May 2018. Meanwhile, I have agreed to raise a subvention fee of 19,000 New Israeli Shekels, as is customary in Israel.

The 19,000 NIS for publication, roughly $5,000, breaks down as follows:


3,200.50 NIS for editing and preparing the book for publication

1,500 NIS for pagination

1,120 NIS for plates and printing

700 NIS for paper

2,000 NIS for binding

2,700 NIS for printing the cover and graphics

600 NIS transportation

1000 NIS others

12, 820.50 NIS +

2,179.50 NIS (17%) V.A.T =


15,000 NIS


To this I should add

2,000 NIS for donor perks

2,000 NIS for promotion and travel.



19,000 NIS (roughly $5000)


I am currently writing a book of creative non-fiction about a threshold encounter with anti-Semitism past and present at Eranos in Switzerland.

In the event that my project is overfunded, this would enable me to devote time to writing the book, working title, The Elephant at Eranos.

I would deeply appreciate your support for the publication of the Hebrew-English A Future More Vivid and hope you will share this Hatchfund link with friends and family members who may be interested in contributing to my project.

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