Heavy Metal Bed

by Nicola


This Heavy Metal, Four-Poster Bed is to be fabricated in copper and iron tubing. This photo is a PVC model, constructed in plumbing parts; it took two years in the making. 

The design is based on Celtic knot-work, and the finished piece will have two sets of lights (one on a dimmer), water-fountains, and a large overhead mirror. As I was once an apprentice drape-maker I will make the curtains and two sets of bed linens myself, in fabric I will designed and silk-screen print especially for this piece.

 I am in the process of bringing nearly three decades of work into completion, (painting and furniture) after which I will produce a show. I have one final piece I need to pull off; this Four-Poster Bed. I make one of a kind pieces of furniture, fabricated from industrial metals, etched and oil-gilded with precious and semi-precious metals.

I have lived an isolated life, working a variety of humble jobs to support my work; this will be my first funding/break. I have an incredible blacksmith/metal worker, Dale Coughenour, who is very excited and impatient to get going, and master builder/art collector, Julio Santigo, who loves it, and is standing eagerly by to do the electrics and plumbing. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Please be generous; I have a variety of gifts for you, all origin work, made especially by me for this campaign, plus a free copy of my novel, Elephant Vindaloo, with donations of $50 or over.