Heartside Harmony CMS Inaugural Concerts and Startup

by Heartside Harmony Chamber Music Society


Heartside Harmony Chamber Music Society is the first of its kind. We are extraordinary, diverse artists presenting chamber music performances and uplifting and empowering people in need through concerts, fundraisers and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. This Hatchfund project was created to fund our first two inaugural concerts. We will thereafter apply for 501(c)3 status and be able to fund our full 2017/18 season through traditional methods, based on the results of the concerts you can help make a reality!

Aren't there enough music groups and presenters around? What makes us different?

We are a group of artists with local ties to West Michigan as well as visiting guest artists. Many of us live, play in orchestras and teach in universities here or originate in the area. We create an environment that brings the best and most inspirational musicians here and encourages those who are already here to stay. HHCMS artists are committed to performing at the highest level at every concert, every time. Our goal is that each performance you attend moves your mind and soul.

In addition, we an extremely diverse group representing all facets of the community. Our roster is based on the tenets of diversity and inclusion and among our members are found representatives of many skin tones, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ethnicities. We also perform works by composers of all heritages, ethnicities and time periods through intentional programming and research. Our artists perform string and woodwind instruments, voice, piano and others!

Last but not least - we have a mission of social activism. We have spent our lives as artists wishing our highly-developed skills could serve more than an artistic mission - and now they can. For each traditional concert we perform, we give one or more additional "giving concerts". What does that mean?

Here are the ways we give back to the community:

1. The obvious: exciting, moving concerts which enrich the area's culture and soul - and paying local artists their full value to reinvest into our local economy.

2. Performing for under-served and/or needy communities. People experiencing homelessness, refugees, and new Americans, individuals with disabilities, people in prison, etc. Everyone deserves artistic and cultural fulfillment. That is why we will use our power as artists to provide enrichment to all, regardless of location, ability to pay, and other barriers.

3. Donating our talents to local service non-profits. West Michigan is home to many, many groups that do incredible work to give shelter, homes and aid of all kinds to those in need. In addition to our concerts for these individuals, we will offer our world-class performances to groups such as the Family Promise Foundation, Samaritas and other community partners to use as unique fundraisers or in any creative way we may be able to help them provide their services in the community.

Essentially, every concert we organize which is fully funded allows us to donate an unheard-of service to a community partner! In donating to this project, you fund not only inaugural concerts, but launch an organization which can continue to serve the community for years to come!

Right now, we need you to kick off our arts/giving/inclusion project asap! That's why we're asking for at least $6,000 to fund our first two concerts and develop a path to future success as an organization.

How do we plan to use these funds?

If we receive our full goal of $20,000 we will not only be able to provide unmatched performances while giving back to those in need - we will be able to ensure a future for our organization with support for our ongoing operations and non-profit application process!

Here's the breakdown:

$12,000 - Artist Fees

$5,000 - Admin pay, Non-Profit Lawyer Fees, Marketing and Advertising, and Consulting

$2,500 - Professional Audio and Video Recording, Photography, Perk Production

$500 - Printing and Ticketing

YOU are invited to our first concerts and we hope to see you there! Thank you sincerely for your gift in support of the arts, diversity and our community in need.

For more information, please visit http://heartsideharmony.org and like us on http://facebook.com/heartsideharmony