Healing in Oyam

by Anaka Morris



Imagery is Infinite™ Archives presents Healing in Oyam, a tentatively titled project which aims to use art in order to bridge the gap between people from multiple countries healing from genocide. The project focuses on how we can increase healing from genocide through creating within the forces of intuition that come from the universe. Art is the source of channeling peace within communities that are growing from a history of violence. Ancestrally, the South African and American members of the team have traumatic violence in their DNA. As a result, we beam through this life as warriors of light in order to heal our own personal traumas as well as the violence of our ancestors through channeling artistically.

The creators in Oyam are healing from a very recent genocide at the hands of Joseph Kony & this Lord’s Resistance Army. Having to build literally from the ground up, the community of Oyam is a place of rapid healing. Bringing the two groups together will create a never before seen collaboration of art with the purpose of creating to change the frequency of the world.


Why Oyam?

In 2014, Anaka went from Los Angeles to the Oyam District, Uganda with a group of students from the University of California to volunteer with Global Health Network, Uganda. This program helps the healing process of this area by creating networks for the women in the villages to build up their community with health and social resources. Now, Anaka will bring a team of artists from South Africa and the United states who are all creators of different kinds to learn and share knowledge of healing through creating art and spending time with the Earth.


In order to make this dream collaboration happen, we need your help. We want to reach out with our first goal of raising $2,500 or more in order to provide a foundation for our future fundraising. This amount will go directly toward sending letters to the future collaborators of Oyam, and saving the rest to start the full budget we need to raise explained below.

Art supplies & Equipment: $2,500


Overall we need to raise about $50,000 in total. The funds will be used for travel, visas, food & hospitality expenses of the American & South African team; a salary for all contributors (from Oyam, America and South Africa) for their time and creativity; equipment for proper documentation and archival purposes and art supplies.



Hospitality/transportation to Oyam/ Food: $10,000

Flights: $10,000

Salary for Cape Town, South African & Oyam artists: $27,000


More about Global Health Network:

            The organization holds four program areas: maternal & child health, livelihood & income generation, sanitation & hygiene, and school health. Here is an excerpt from Evan Pye, a student from USC who led Anaka’s group in 2014 and is now working there full time:

            For these programs, we train community health workers, organize community groups to meet on a weekly basis to save money or learn about health, distribute drugs and immunizations, teach groups about family planning and sexual health, train school health leaders, from school health clubs, and make home visits to check hygiene conditions. You can check out our updated website (http://www.ghnu.org/) for more info on all these activities. And, the women we worked with [in 2014] are still using the sewing machines [we donated]. In fact, we've restarted the tailoring project and we sold $1500 worth of bags and T-shirts to two USC student groups last month.”


NOTE: When you donate, Hatchfund charges an extra 10% of your donation to their site to keep it going and for processing fees. This is a system in order to make sure that the money you donate to the fund goes straight to the project. Please keep this in mind when you are deciding how much to donate!