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This project was successfully funded on January 22, 2018

"Hand Made in America" mobile murals being made by hand(s)

by david



I’m so excited to invite you to be a part of this community collaboration.  Out of all the large- scale community collaborative works of art I have inspired and helped manage, this will be the most engaging and inspiring for all involved.  It’s my belief that individuals learning about the project as it unfolds will also be inspired and my goal to “Artify” America will pick up speed and momentum.  Hand Made In America is the launching point for a lifelong series of projects dreamed about for many years, that are now into planning and execution.  This project is a much-needed feel good story that will provide the public art therapy on a national scale, while at the same time providing participating youth a real sense that they contributed to something bigger than themselves.


As we travel from one city to another the driver and I will bring the truck into a school and park it for the evening.  I will share with students on the topic of  the  power of inspiration and creativity.   We will all file out to the truck where I will take a few students up in an electric scissor lift, for the placement of their hand prints in paint.  All of the handprints will be placed according to already mapped out “paint by number” works of art sketched on the sides.  At noon we will pack up and drive to the next location.  The public will be able to follow ourprogress online, and even watch as the final touches are added.

     This very exciting project came about as I was collaborating with another artist to paint my first set of mobile murals on the side of a 53-foot trailer.  These were not my first murals created, nor my first collaborative efforts.  Since 1996 I have made murals and major “art by theacre” installations in communities and schools in my home state of West Virginia and neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland.  One set of murals created in Martinsburg West Virginia were made solely out of upcycled bottle lids, before this practice and medium becamesomewhat popular.

     As a child going to public school, and growing up at the elbow of an artist, I knew that I wanted to be an artist from an early age.  The schools I went to occasionally had visiting professionals who gave assemblies and lectures.  While there were speakers with various artistic talents presented there were no “fine art” visual artists.  I vowed that if I could figure out a way, I would one day go into schools to inspire students using the visual arts.  I am now at that place and it feels great inspiring others.

     There is no better time than the present to carry out this special art project.  This project is so far out of the box that it is sure to gain the attention and imaginations of the American people.  Our country needs some positive news, and healing that only art therapy can give andinspiration.